Oct 22, 2015

Have you been on a Tangled Adventure? - Ink Drawing Techniques


Some say it is meditative, relaxing, calming 
but I say it is fun!

 ….Sharp, crisp lines of black, dancing and swirling on the page
…Long even strokes, short choppy ones, marching down the line
…Splash of colour, well maybe more than a splash,

What could be more fun!!
Day 3 - Tangles: Poke Root, Festune, & Hollibaugh with shading (an enhancer) and colour

Zentangles have taken over the world and although I have been slow to join I am now ‘on that bus’. 
First created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in 2005, as a way to teach and encourage others to experience a sense of focus, well-being and relaxation through art.  Almost like meditation. “A zentangle is a collection of patterns not meant to represent anything.  It is created on a 3.5 x 3.5 piece of art paper called a ‘tile’. “ (One Zentangle a Day by  Beckah Krahula)

There are no mistakes, takes little time, always looks great - What more could you ask for?
Journal Page with Zentangles - for the early lessons you learn 2 or 3 tangles a day. Each day brings new surprises!! 

September was here, I was feeling like new beginning so I decided to see what this Zentangle stuff was all about.  I bought Beckah‘s lovely book, it is actually a 6-week course giving you a mini lesson each day.  No, I am not doing it every day.  But it is such a treat to sit down when I have a moment, open my book and work through another lesson.  Each time I learn a few new tangles (patterns) or some ways of enhancing my patterns (enhancers).  I am not sure if I am in a meditative state when I work but I certainly feel focused, positive and relaxed.  When the tangle is done, you definitely feel success.  They are right, everything looks good.  Even that little mark you thought was wrong!
My first Tangle with patterns Static, Tipple and Crescent Moon.  (Note my new Tangle signature. Just part of the Zentangle fun)

As I learn more about the tangles I can see that the patterns have really been with us all the time.  They are the random patterns of life, the cultural patterns of beadwork and paint, and the woven patterns of needle work all mixed into one. 

If you want to board the Zentangle bus and head out for adventure, I do have a few suggestions for your set up:
A few basic supplies for your Zentangle Adventure

A Journal : as you know, not all journals are the same.  You need paper that will take ink, felt pens, and light watercolour  ( I said you were going to have fun so of course you need some colour!!)

Pigment Permanent Pens:  Yes, you can use a plain pen or pencil but if colour is in your plans a permanent pen means things won’t run and you are not waiting for drying time

Sharp Tip/brush tip felts:  Ok, you can use anything really, coloured pencils, felts, crayons, paints but a nice set of dual tip felts will really get you creative.  You can add intense colour to those tight little circles and brush colour on large background fill area. 

A Guide: If you are new to Zentangles it is good to have some kind of reference.  There are hundreds of tangles and lots of “enhancers” to make your  zentangles sing.  The internet is full of demos, guides and sample lessons so check them out.  I personally like to work off-line at times so I am really happy to have a book.  I am enjoying Beckah Krahula book (from Chapters) but I know there are several more out there. 

So get out and start your  Zentangle Adventure today!
Day 7 - Altering tangles I have learned and adding colour.  Awesome shape, eh?!

Next post, my Zentangled inspired art.  (You knew I couldn’t just leave it on a 3 1/2 inch tile!!)

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Have a great artful day,
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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Well this is certainly different, you can go so many directions with these, everything and anything

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

You are right there. I have a few things started with my animals and they are looking good. Steve says so and he is my biggest critic. I will post them next week.

Brenda Hill CDM said...

I forgot to mention that I really like that new signature, are you going to use it for all your art?

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

I kind of like it too. I think it will be more of my Tangle signature or a combination. But it did really catch my eye for sure.

Unknown said...

Very cool tangle works. I have done several myself if you are interested: blog.julieerindesigns.com. I am also from the lower mainland in Vancouver!

Unknown said...

Very cool tangle works. I have done several myself if you are interested: blog.julieerindesigns.com. I am also from the lower mainland in Vancouver!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Hey Julie, you really do know how to work with patterns. Great stuff! As you can see from my work this is quite different for me. Using my animals I can bring it more into my world.