Aug 25, 2014

Wind Dancers emerges from Combat!!

Three... Two...One..
Artists Begin!!

Yes, there was an  "OMG" moment!
But then,
I made a mark!

It's true, when you start making marks you start to roll.

I settled in and began to do my layout.  My Practice sessions really helped here.
Just Getting Down to Business

Suddenly I could feel the rhythm I had in my studio, I knew I would be okay.  As I worked away I even took a moment to glance around.  My family, my loyal supports, were everywhere. Cathy was taking pictures, Melissa, Chris and Steve gave me friendly smiles and encouraging words.  I began to feel that calm as the drawing unfolds.
Putting in the finishing touches!
It was surprising really; 45 minutes in the studio seemed like ample time but 45 minutes in competition was different!!
Interesting too, we all had our own approaches and our own subjects.  It made for a great show for the spectators.  (As reported by my family and friends!)

Tammy with her neat trees
Jesse's Landscape
Busy putting on the final touches

WIND DANCERS has arrived!!

Sad to say Wind Dancers, in pastels, was not the winner.  But would I do it again?
You bet!!!
 Congratulations to Marilyn, here with her winning picture

All the pictures from both the Battle Sessions will be on display at the
Good Day Sunshine Cafe, 2950 King George Blvd #100, Surrey until Aug 31.  
The pictures are being sold in a Silent Auction with a percentage of the sales going to Semmiahmoo Art Council.  
Come down and see what happened in 45 minutes!!  
Have a great day,
PS: The Cafe is located in the group of shops behind Staples at Morgan Crossings.


Brenda Hill CDM said...

oh boy, that was intense good job I don't think I could do it!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks, I must admitt I practised so I was able to work without a reference. It turned out to be a great learning experience!