Aug 22, 2014

For Mountain Goats it maybe a walk in the park, For Me, NOT!!

Shear rock faces sweeping down to mountain meadows below
Loose rock slipping under foot
Not a tree, bush or guard rail in sight!!
They tell me the view was amazing!

My father was really the problem,
He passed on his fear of heights!!
I have tried to fight it but sometimes it gets the better of me.  This was one of those times!!
Eve Lake is near the rocky area in the top left corner, some of the slide areas we crossed are above my head

The hike to Eve Lake is billed as a "classic sub-alpine hike over gently rolling terrain leading to a high
 elevation lake."  Yes I was a little worried about my endurance, 6 km one way,  but the elevation change of 209 m didn't sound bad.  I didn't want to be a drag on the group but I really wanted to go!

Michelle, one of the Park Rangers and our guide for the day, met us in the parking lot.  She was wonderful, a fountain of knowledge for our million questions and didn't bat an eyelash at all the photo stops.  She has done the hike many times but for us it was a wonderful new adventure.  The trail wound around the side of the mountain, through several ecosystems, as we moved back and froth from the shady side to sunny side. No bears thankful but no mountain goats either.

One of the Slide areas, pretty good eh?  I managed to take a picture of it!!
At the half way point I felt great and the decision was made to go the distance.  It was shortly after that, that the fun began.  The slide areas!  You know where the avalanches come down and clean off the side of the mountains!!  There were little trails winding across their face and they wanted me to go on them!!

I took a deep breath, focused on my feet and kept my head down.  Going up proved to be okay!!  (Later on, during the return trip I sunk to my lowest depths.  Clutching Michelle's bag, focused on her feet, I crawled over the rocks back into the treed area. No picture taking on the return trip.)
Definitely Works the Walk!!!   Eve Lake

I made it! And the suffering was worth it!!  Eve Lake is a beautiful spot - crystal clear water, bordered by rocks, flowers and those lovely cone shaped firs; nestled on the mountain top.  Mountain ranges that I had viewed the day before from the summit as "way up there" were now across from us.  We picnicked, sketched, photographed and explored; it was with sadness that we returned to the trail and headed home. Our time here had gone way too fast!!

The hike to Eve Lake was definitely a high point for me on our trip, it was something I don't have an opportunity to do here on the coast.  And I was pleased with my own personal triumph over the 'height thing'.
Our merry group, at Eve Lake

Our days on the mountain drifted by very quickly: each day we discovered new places; talked and laughed as we shared our thoughts and stories; painted and chatted to visitors to the park as we worked in our studio; and of course feasted on the spoils in our treasure chest!!

Our trip is over but now the work begins.  Each of us will be producing 3 pieces of work to be part of a show to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mount Revelstoke National Park and the Park System as a whole.  The show will open in Revelstoke Nov. 7 at the Revelstoke Arts Gallery running til Nov. 30 and then travel for a year to other galleries around the province.  I will keep you posted on my entries and the show locations.
Tried out an Accordion Journal for the trip - Cover is painted but still the back to finish.

 Balsam Lake and the flowers are featured on the book cover 

 The trip was a great experience for me but I want to thank Jackie, with the  Revelstoke Visual Arts Society and Nina, from Parks Canada for their work in putting this residency together.  If you get a chance to apply for a Artist Residency I highly recommend it.
Special Note: Caroline Scagel is from Mayne Island, one of the Gulf Islands.  Sorry for the misspelling Caroline.

Combat Canvas Update:
Yes tomorrow is the day!!  I have been busy practicing and I think I am ready to go.

 "Canvas Combat", Saturday August 23 - 45 minutes to Paint!! 
Good Day Sunshine Cafe, 2950 King George Blvd, Surrey
 I will be part of the second session 4-5pm.

Come and watch and don't forget to vote!  
Winners are chosen by popular vote.
Have a great day,
Special Update:  To see the pictures that I created for the show from my residency see my 4 October Posts starting with this One.


Valerie said...

Hi Wendy, love your journal, the cover looks wonderful. Have fun at your paint out. Happy painting ..... Valerie

Brenda Hill CDM said...

Looks like a good time had by all,
the journal looks great

Candy said...

Wendy, the journal cover is terrific. It sounds like you all had so much fun! How lucky that you hit it off!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks Valerie and Candy, I must admit I am very excited about the little journal. I can hardly wait to do the back. I am still not sure if I wil put a title on the cover. I live the little picture and not sure I want writing on it.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes Brenda, good times. I would definitely recommend this as a 'must try' in the future. Especially if you want to get into Artist in Residence situations.

Caroline Scagel said...

Your journal is so beautiful I love it!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks, the back cover is now in the planning stage, it is exciting to see it come together.