Feb 4, 2014

February is Marketing Month


Primroses, my favourite sign of Spring!!

As all artists know, winter means time to paint!!  No interruptions!!   A favourite time of year!!

But . . .  it is also a time to learn new skills -  Give our Art Business a real push for a Successful Year.  To help I have:

1.  Started a new page on my Blog - Marketing Skills - it is my Points to Ponder - to help polish and expand your Marketing Skills.  My goal is to publish 5 weekly installments this winter to get the ball rolling.
Building your Marketing Skills is a valuable step in moving your Art Business forward.

2.  Designed a Marketing Workshop: Let's Get Our Art Out There!!  Sunday, February 23, 10-3 pm. at my Studio/Gallery in North Surrey.  Looking for new ways to market your work? Want to make your marketing more effective? This day will get your Marketing Plans fired up to new more successful levels. Looking at both online and offline activities to move

Pre-registration is required to join our group on February 23.  See my Workshop/Classes Page for all the registration information.

See you on the 23rd or on my Points to Ponder Page.  Hope they bring new life to your Marketing this Year!!
Have a great day.

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