Feb 8, 2014

A Day at the Berry Patch - WIP

A Day at the Berry Patch
Aren't these little House Sparrows pretty little things? 

I captured them on one of my many trips to Riefel Bird Sanctuary in South Delta.  I have a selection of prints, cards and memo pads there and so I visited it often to restock my work.  (It is such a great place to visit I would be happy to go anytime!)  

My sparrows were perched on the fence that follows the trails around the Sanctuary.  The blackberry bushes  are everywhere pushing up against the fence so of course I have to include them.  They provide an exciting, lush backdrop for my two males as they enjoy the day! Hopefully they will be able to enjoy some of the berries as they become ripe. 
Back to work, the fun part, the birds are done, so now it is time to really build up the background!!

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