Mar 27, 2013

A Breath of Sunshine


A BREATH OF SUNSHINE - 7.5 X 10.5 - $260 Unframed

Have you walked in a garden and had your eyes caught by the glow of the sun?  That is the way I feel when I see the Black-eyed Susies.  They flourish in the late summer heat, catching and  following the sun as it moves across the sky; glowing brightly in the sunlight. They always make me feel good when I see them and bring memories of warm summer. 

We visited my girlfriend in Nova Scotia in late August last year and she had a beautiful garden winding through the trees and around her pond, it was alive with the 'Susies'; some pink, yellow and orange.  Summer and fall colours all rolled into one!  This picture is helps me remember good friends and a lovely visit in Nova Scotia.

What brings summer memories to you? I hope you are enjoying some of them today.

As always, all of my pictures are available in prints or cards starting at $3.50 for cards.



Katherine Thomas said...

This is exquisitely done, Wendy! I love the way some parts are crisp and detailed, while others are softened and blended. To me, that is such a hard contrast to achieve, but so very artistic and effective! You create such a rich, meaningful mood with your paintings.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thank you so much Katherine. I also like that combination of crisp line and softness mixed. I am sure it is part of our drawing background showing through.

Studio at the Farm said...

They are beautiful! And your friend's garden back east sounds absolutely wonderful.

Brenda Hill said...

Lovely Wendy, I can feel the warm sun on them and they just glow