Oct 10, 2012

Great Trip to Reifel Bird Sanctuary

New Works from the Studio of Art by Wendy
Sandhill cranes out on the water.
Today I took a break from the gallery renovation and escaped to Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  I have a selection of cards and prints there in the gift shop and it was time to restock for fall.  What a great day to go, the fall migratory birds are starting to arrive and there is lots of activity.  My friend and I wondered down the trails and we were very excited to catch a glimpse of the sandhill cranes.  Two of them have been hanging around there for nearly a year and now that winter is coming I doubt if they will leave.  Their brown feathers are nearly all replaced by the gray colour and they really blend into the bush. 

This little duck seemed to be part of the welcoming party.

Wood duck flapping his wings

Two buddies supervising the action in the marsh.
The cranes surprised us and met us as we walked along the trail. 

They came close, I mean really close
My first crane dance.  I only caught part of it but it is amazing to see them dance about!


It was wonderful walking around the sanctuary and certainly a treat to see the cranes.  We had a great trip. 
If you want to visit the sanctuary they are open 7 days a week, 9-4pm.  http://www.reifelbirdsanctuary.com  It is a great walk through the marsh and out into the tidal flats.  There is always lots to see but the winter is really very busy with all the migratory birds.  Oh, and don't forget to stop in the gift shop and purchase one of my prints, cards or memo pads as a memento of the trip!
We will be back to work on the gallery and hopefully by next week I can show you the results.
As always cards and prints of any of my pictures can be purchased starting at $3.50.


Brenda Hill said...

Wendy, what a surprise having those two cranes walking towards us that made my day1

Wendy Mould said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip. It was a great day to be there and wonderful for taking pictures.

Gillian Olson said...

Fantastic pictures Wendy! I think some great paintings will come from these.

Studio at the Farm said...

Wonderful photos, Wendy. The sandhill cranes are exquisite!