Oct 3, 2012

Art by Wendy's Gallery is Changing


Steve hard at work on the new wall
Exciting things are happening here at Art by Wendy' Gallery, we are doing a major upgrade of the gallery!!  Yes, Steve and I have been planning it all summer and now the time is here.  It is so exciting to see the wire and boards come down and my new slot wall going up.  I will be able to arrange pictures in many different ways, changing all the time and not be worried about mucking up the walls. 

Our supervisor checking things out
We are well underway as you can see; the end is not far off.  I will have over 24 running feet of slot board to arrange my work on from large pieces to small miniatures.  Of course I am pleased but I must admit it was a little more work than we expected.   Steve has been wonderful; painting those grooves has not been fun.  Our supervisor Rusty has been working full time to keep up with the change, checking progress on a daily basis. I know he is getting tired. Soon it will be over and you are welcome to visit. Just give me a call and I will be glad to show you around.   If you are interested in putting up the slotted wall units, I would be glad to share our experience with you.
The Mess - I must keep my eye on the finish line - I am not good with messes!
As always cards and matted prints are available of all my work for as low as $3.50.


Brenda Hill said...

Looking good, I can't wait to see it

Studio at the Farm said...

Ambitious undertaking, Wendy. it looks like it will be a wonderful arrangement for display. You are lucky to have Steve and Rusty there to help!

Wendy Mould said...

Yes girls it did turn out to be a bit more than we expected, as any renovation does. Your right Kathryn, I couldn't do it without Steve and Rusty.