Aug 7, 2012


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Big Man On Campus - 5 x 7 - $130 unframed

A beauty eh??  Isn’t he gorgeous, well in a rooster kind ‘a way.  I was out to Kilby Historical Site, near Harrison Hot Springs and this fellow was wondering around on his own, looking for the hens I guess.  His walk and manner just seemed to say “I am the head honcho” and of course I had to photograph him.  It was great fun drawing him.  I was working on him down at the Painter’s Square at White Rock and I guess it seemed a little funny to be drawing a rooster at the beach but you know sometimes you just have to do that drawing no matter what . . .  !
If you are out in the Fraser Valley, check out Kilby Store and Farm, it is a reminiscent of the early 1900’s and actually built in 1908.  The store is on stilts, probably more than 10 feet in the air as it was a train station for the Harrison Mills area and had to be up high because of the yearly flooding of the Fraser River.  Today of course, with the dike systems,  it doesn’t flood.  I have been involved with Kilby for 7 years now, they use a number of my pictures for their promotions and I have a nice display in their gift shop and café.
As always matted prints are available of all of my work starting at $7.


Brenda Hill said...

He is one handsome dude!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

He sure is handsome, Wendy! I love graphite! No mess and always ready to go! Thanks for sharing that bit of history and the link.

Studio at the Farm said...

Lovely, Wendy. He really does have that #1 rooster look to him!

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks ladies, I am not sure how much he really owns the campus though as there was another rooster on the farm. He is a beauty as well, one of those roosters with the lovely blues and turquois in his tail. He is my next project.