Aug 27, 2012

A Still Life Stage

Still Life

The Framework Revealed
Steve, my faithful, underpaid, Art by Wendy employee, has just completed this wonderful still life stage for setting up a still life. (The whole thing is made from ¾ inch PVC pipes and two pieces of plywood.) I found the information and plans for it on Carol Marine’s blog,  You can buy a ready-made one or watch her free tutorial on how to make your own.  Her husband designed hers and once I saw it I knew my husband would want to take up the challenge.  Of course he made a few changes, as all builders do, but the main principle of Carol’s is with mine.  It is wonderful to have ‘good’ lighting to practice still life drawing with my students and it great for setting up a still life to paint with.  It is not bad for taking a picture of a still life, as well, as you can see from my pictures.  One of the main changes Steve made was to glue the top pieces together and the bottom so it would be easier to move around but the side pieces slip out easily so it will fold up flat like her’s.  Good luck with your Life Stage.
Enjoy the last days of summer and as always matted prints of all my pictures are available for as little as $7.00.


Brenda Hill said...

I think I might see something different in the near future in paintings?

Wendy Mould said...

Yes Brenda I am sure you will. This life stage has given me lots of ideas for practicing still life drawing.