May 20, 2012

Taking Care of Baby WIP at the White Rock Pier

TAKING CARE OF BABY - 11 X 15  Available

My baby Sandhill Crane is my next big project.  Steve and I were at Riefel Bird Sanctuary last spring and I got great reference material for the baby crane.  The cranes are used to people being around so you can get fairly close but if you cross that line the parents very quickly let you know!   I have had this picture percolating in my mine ever since. When the Federation of Canadian Artists annouced their Open Call for a  Drawing Exhibition and I decided my baby was going to try and get into the show.

First Day at the Pier - Yes I have on tons of Sunscreen!!
I just got my approval to one of the Painters at Painter Square in White Rock.  I picked up my license last week and I gave it my first go.  It is going to be great!  I really enjoyed sitting down by the pier painting and drawing to my heart’s content and chatting away with the people wondering by.  There is a bit of a breeze at times, which makes watercolour a bit of a challenge (everything dries very fast) but for drawing it is great.  The breeze doesn’t bother my pencil work and people were just as happy to be quietly hanging over my drawings as my paintings.  I haven’t really worked out a schedule, my plan is to go down once or twice a week in the afternoons when the weather is good, of course.  So if you are down there for a walk, check out the artists, it might very well be me!!


Studio at the Farm said...

Wendy, you baby sandhill crane is delightful. I wish him well in his foray out to the FCA show.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Kathryn, I am working away on him and getting more exciting about him as I go. Keep your fingers crossed.

Brenda Hill said...

White Rock sounds great, hope you do very well there

Gillian Olson said...

Great picture Wendy.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Brenda, it is a great place to sit and draw. Of course only on a nice day.
Thanks Gillian, I am quite excited at how it is working out.