Mar 21, 2012

Home from Yellowknife and Back to the Green

Dave, Me and Cindy having a Snow Picnic
A winter holiday in the Northern Canada is really something for someone like me, living in the warmer south.  I just returned from a short holiday and I must admit I had a great time.  As my brother said, when I arrived I thought -8 C was dam cold and by the end of my trip I was saying that -13 C in the sun was nice!!

Dave with me at the wheel, flying down the lake!!

I saw the Northern Lights, they are just as beautiful as they say, I had my first experiences on a snowmobile flying across a lake (well, when I was driving we weren't really flying but when my brother was we were!!)  and I experienced a snow picnic at -17 C.  I was amazed how warm the sun is when it is shining .  If you were out of the wind it was wonderful.

One of those ptarmigans, they really blend into the snow

I didn't see a lot of wildlife but the ptarmigans were in town and often in sight.  It was funny to all of a sudden see this snowball start moving and even take flight.  When we were out on the lakes and in the bush we saw lots of tracks so you know lots of animals are there.
At the door of the Ice Castle, it had a wooden door!!
Out on Great Slave Lake, it seems to go on forever!!
At the Cabin, Do I look like a pro??

Sunset on the lake, aren't the colours lovely??


Studio at the Farm said...

Cold or not, you certainly look like you had a great time, Wendy. And those sunset colors are glorious!

Brenda Hill said...

Wendy, I enjoyed these pitures so much, thanks for sharing. It does look a little COLD!

Gillian Olson said...

Great pictures Wendy.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks ladies, I must admit if you are dressed for the cold it is not too bad. And it is amazing how much energy it takes to move around in all those clothes!!

Doreen Cross said...

OMG Wendy. Oh to have experienced what you did. I grew up in the UK so I know what snow is but in Canada it looks so awesome. I'm so happy for you that you had such a wonderful time. I have really enjoyed the photos and seeing where you have been and the good time.
It's called living life and enjoying.

Nancy Goldman said...

I had never heard of Yellowknife before yesterday when I met a flight attendant that flies there and points much farther north in Canada. It's so strange to read about it again today on your blog. It looks like a beautiful place but much too cold for me. I'm used to the low temperature in winter being 50 degrees F. : )