Aug 19, 2013

Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast

More from our Texada Island Trip
Driftwood Island, Canadian West Coast - 2 x 4.8 - $85
Have you noticed how the shoreline comes alive when the tide is out?  That is when the shore birds appear, as they begin to look for bits and pieces left behind with the tide.  It is also when the rugged rocks, covered with barnacles, sea-life and muscles begin to emerge.  This little reef usually buried under several feet of water was high and dry and full of life. 
We had been out exploring the island when we found an overgrown road leading down to the water.  We followed it until it became a small trail; what a great surprise when we emerged at the water's edge.  Of course I had to paint!!  As I worked away the tide came in and slowly the reef began to disappear.  There was some driftwood on the highest part that was going to be safe for awhile; the tides are low for the next few weeks so unless the winds pick up it should stay high and dry for now.
As always all my work is available in cards and prints starting at $3.25 for cards.
Have a great day and yes I have more pictures to show you, I just have to get them set up.

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Brenda Hill said...

After living in Powell River, I can visualize this setting