May 5, 2009

Great News with my Miniatures


I just received news that two of my miniature pictures have been accepted into the International Miniature Show in Levis, just outside Quebec City. This show is held every two years and runs for three months, June 14 – Sept 6, 2009. For further information on the show see
My pictures that were accepted were "Poppies in the Rough" and "Driftwood Shoreline". "Poppies in the Rough" is a little different for me as it is more abstract than realistic. I started with an ink pouring and then began to find myself in it. I can really understand what artists mean when they say it "tells me how to proceed". There comes a point where you and the piece are working together and things begin to emerge from the color. It is really an exciting process.

My piece "Driftwood Shoreline" I did after I had completed my larger piece "Shoreline Driftwood". I just loved the driftwood and the ocean view, it is one that I have walked many time with my dog. I wanted to see if I could create that feeling of depth and summer sunlight in a much smaller image. I thought it was a good one to send to the show as it really speaks a lot about our west coast.


charmine said...

this piece caught my eye,lovely!!!!!!!!!

Jey said...

Love your work. Congratulations on being accepted in the show. The Burnaby Arts Guild demo was excellent.

Wendy Mould said...

Thank you Jey, I am glad that you enjoyed the presentation. I had a very nice evening with your group.