May 19, 2009


I thought that you would really enjoy this new picture. Bailey, was a wonderful dog and well loved by her owners. They have asked me to do a portrait of her and I was thrilled. The pictures they gave me to work with had wonderful lighting and I knew she would look great. I have started off with her face and I am working my way down the picture. I do have a few interesting problems to work out. I had to determine how to finish the lower half of the picture, as she is sitting at right angles to the photographer and this gives a funny look to the lower part of her portrait. I have decided to focus on her flowing hair and to fade the body out at the bottom. The darkness on the left side provides a dramatic pose but also means it is hard to get details for that area. Sometimes you just have to jump in and let the picture take over. I will keep you posted.

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Dors said...

This is beautiful Wendy. Lovely highlights.