Apr 29, 2009

Searching for the Sun

This is a new miniature I just completed. I have always wanted to try a still life and this little watering can really attracted my eye. Last year I was visiting with my sister and brother-in-law and we stopped at this little roadside stand that had all sorts of farm implements. I immediately grabbed my camera and went to work. This was a little arrangement they had in their shop and I just loved the way the light caught the cans. I have had this picture in my mind ever since waiting for the moment to begin.
I do plan to try it again as I used purples for my darks and although I like it I was reading about a different pallet using blues for the darks and I want to give it a try. Also I put my darks over my yellows on the watering can and I wanted to try laying in the darks first and glazing over it. I am really not very good at drawing and painting the same picture over again so I will also change the format to horizontal. That already has me trying to figure out a new composition.

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