May 28, 2009

Bailey is heading home

Well Bailey is finished and gone to her home. I am really pleased with how she turned out. I had many challenges with her light colors to try and get depth and light into them but I think I achieved my goal. The dramatic lighting really worked out well and I love the way she fades into the right side of the picture.
When I started with the drawing I had a terrible time trying to decide how to end portrait at the bottom but once I put it to paper and started working, it was easy to see where to go. This was a good reminder that some things can only be done with the actual drawing, computers and photographs can only tell us so much. I did make a few changes to Bailey's face from the first posting: the size of her eyes. I find that somehow the eyes seem to shrink as the drawing progresses and usually when I am not happy with them it is because they are too small. This was the case with Bailey.
Have a great day and keep up your drawing.

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