Aug 23, 2018

Plein Air Festival at Kilby - Full Report - Painting & Drawing Tips

Can it really be over already?!

Just got home and unpacking from 4 days at Kilby Plein Air Festival. Steve, Max and I had an awesome time.  Lots of old friends from other years and new ones too.
Jayden with his winner - PEPPERMINT
 We started off Friday & Saturday as two glorious painting days.  11-4pm.  How can it go so fast?
There was so many interesting setups and different mediums.  It was fascinating just to walk around and talk with all the artists.

Terry works large on Yupo paper with Acrylic
Kilby had lots of umbrellas up for shade and were quick to move them when needed.
Nika worked every day on her great painting of the Milk House - Amazing work from one so young.
Kerry busy painting the Kilby Cafe, set up by the gas pumps

Food was available right at the Cafe and they had a wonderful spread.  We placed our order and they brought it right out to our spot.  Who wants to stop working just to eat!!

I was busy as an Organizer and Judge so did not have time to really sit and paint.  However, in keeping with my focus on ink drawing this summer I decided to work on some ink Portraits. 

ERNIE - My first attempt.  Encouraging, eh?!

 I know, you are wondering, when did that start.  Well, there were so many people there in period costume wanting to be models so I thought I would give it a try.  My first one went way better than I expected.  It looked like a person and even my model could recognize himself.  I was encouraged and tried a few more.  

Portrait #2 - little bigger and a bit of colour

My second was Jo-Ann.  I got brave and added just a hint of colour. 

Jessica was very patient with me while I worked on my drawing.
For my third one with Jessica I really got a bit carried away.

JESSICA -  Portrait #3 - more colour, stronger values 

Sunday was wrap up Day at the Festival.  Artists were sneaking in before the gate open at 11 to get their paintings done.   1 pm saw paintings handed in. Time to look around and see what had been accomplished.  Some had finished 2 or 3 paintings others only 1.  Didn't matter.  It was all in the spirit of the event.  

Bruce Coughlan sang all afternoon - so nice to hear his music under the trees as we picnicked on the grass
Jurying happened at 2 and Prizes and Awards at 3.  Jayden won the big prize - a night at Harrison Hot Springs.  People's Choice was Awarded and then Draw Prizes for everyone.  Suddenly it was all over. 
Max is getting pretty good at this kayaking thing.  We were out on the Harrison River several times over the weekend. 

Don't think Painting was all we did.  Several of the artists like myself, stayed at the Kilby Campsite on the river so it was walks, swims and kayaking for us well into the evening.  Kilby Campsite takes reservations so keep that in mind if you plan on joining in next year. 

A special thanks to the Kilby Staff for making this such a successful event. This was the 4th year and certainly a very successful one.  

Have you tried Plein Air Painting or Drawing?  Time and worries just melt away as you get into your zone.  An awesome way to spend the day.  I have one more outing set up this month, see info below if you would like to join me.

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One More OUTDOOR SKETCHING DAY - Tuesday, Aug 28, 9:45- 11:45pm

Capture the sun filtering through the trees, flowers blowing in the breeze, or lazy water trickling in the creek.  Bring you sketckbook and paints and join me in a morning of relaxed drawing and painting in the park.  Beginners to Advanced Welcome - Small Group and Lots of Instruction.  Cost $36.75  Bring your own materials.   Contact Wendy to save your spot


Open Studio at Art by Wendy Studio/Gallery

 Sun, Sept 30, 10-4pm 
Special Hands-On Drawing Demos: 11 am & 1pm 

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Unknown said...

Loved your story about Kilby Plein Air. I should try it next year!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Look forward to seeing you there.