Mar 29, 2018

There are Rehearsals in Drawing? Painting & Drawing Tips


Yes,  Rehearsals are in Drawing and Painting.
No, this isn't about Studies or Notan Sketches
A Drawing Rehearsal is a Fundamental Part of the Drawing Process.

Flowery Butterfly Card, 5.5 x 4.25in
With Butterflies and Flowers you can create Cards for any Occasion - See Spring Classes Below
The Dictionary defines a Rehearsal as "a session of exercise, drill or practice, usually private, in preparation for a public performance".  As a visual artist your public performance is your finished artwork and your private work place is your studio.  You are probably thinking you do lots of drills and practices and really don't need/want anymore.  This however, is very different.

So you ask What is a Rehearsal in Drawing and Why would I want to do it. 

A Drawing Rehearsal is an incremental part of the drawing process when using pen and ink.  There is no eraser or 'do over'.  When the line is drawn it is there.  You either make something with it or start again. So a Rehearsal is common practice. 

How to do a Rehearsal in Drawing
Take your pen, pencil or brush and hold it over the spot where you need to put your mark.  Do not touch the surface of your paper.  Move your pen as if you were drawing the line but do not touch the paper.  As you move 'feel' what is happening. Ask yourself these kind of questions:
  • Does my mark 'fit' into that space? 
  • Is my hand/arm comfortable to make that movement?
  •  Do I need to rearrange my picture so I can come at it from a different direction? 
  • Should my mark be curved more, longer, shorter, higher, lower . . . .?
  • Where should I rest or lift as I draw a long line?
  • Should I have breaks in the line? Where should they be?
Flowery Bouquet Card: 4.25 x 9.25 in
A Rehearsal is done first before drawing flower stems and lines bordering the page.

 Of course not all lines are that crucial to the completed project.  Some will be buried with crosshatching, others will become a wispy branch or the suggestion of a figure in the distance.  But some lines are crucial, you only get one chance to draw them.  That is when the Rehearsal becomes very important. 

My card, Flowery Bouquet, is quite long and skinny.  It is designed to fit into a business envelope.  (A really neat shape to play with, but that is another story.) When it comes time to draw in the flower stem, I wanted a loose, curvy continuous line.  My rehearsal sweep with my hand made sure I had a comfortable stroke moving down the page.  A rehearsal was also needed for my bordering lines to determine how far up and into the page I wanted them to go and which direction I wanted to move my hand.  In the end I turned my paper sideways and went right to left.  

My card, Flowery Butterfly, at the top of the page also has a border.  My Rehearsal helped me decide how tight to make the curves, where to put breaks and also how far to move into the page.  The little leaves are a great way to camouflage a rest spot if you had to stop and regroup. 

The Rehearsal is not limited to just drawing with pen and ink.  There are certainly times when painting that you need to make that special line or sweep.  I realize you have the luxury of a "redo" in acrylic and oil but isn't it nice to just do it once.  A simple little Rehearsal of the movement may be all you need to Draw It and Leave It.  

Want to Beef up Your Drawing Skills in a Fun Way?
Learn the power of 'the line' and 'the Rehearsal' - feel the free flow of ink on paper.  Join me in a Spring Creative Card Class.  You will be using Butterflies and Flowers to create Whimsical Cards for any occasion.  Just imagine the fun of giving such personalized cards to family and friends. Cost $35 supplies included. Contact Wendy to register.  Classes are small and fill up fast.

Easter Monday, April 2, 10-12pm Expression Art Gallery, Maple Ridge
Saturday, April 21, 10-12pm, Art by Wendy's Studio/Gallery, N. Surrey
Wednesday, April 25, 1:30-3:30pm, Mandeville Gardens, S. Burnaby

Are you ready to try something new? You will be surprised how new skills and ideas can creep back into your work in so many ways.

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Opportunities Happening now: 

Have an Artfilled Day:  Wednesday, April 25
Gardenworks at Mandeville, 4746 Marine Dr. Burnaby

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Workshops $35 each, all supplies included. Register Now with Wendy 
They have a wonderful little cafe there which I highly recommend for lunch. 

Drop-In & Draw Sessions: 
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