Mar 22, 2018

Have You left Your Comfort Zone? Painting & Drawing Tips


Feeling like you been working all winter on the same kind of things? 
 Are you in danger of entering 'The Creative Rut'?

PERCHED ON THE LINE - 3 X 4 -Ink& Watercolour Matted $110
Part of my Constructive Organics Series 

Winter is a great time to move inside the studio and immerse yourself in your Art.  I find that my days fly, I don't mind the rain and who cares if we are snowed in.  I am in my Zone.  This can carry on for weeks or months and then suddenly I feel it.  That sense that this picture is 'Stale'. My Spark has dwindled.
For me I think it is related to spring.  It is starting to get very warm here and on the nice days I can work outside.  Time to pull out my plein air stuff. That may not work for you, for one thing the rest of Canada is still in Winter!  But there are other ways to 'freshen' things up.

Move out of your Comfort Zone . . . 
Try something new.  Take a course.
I don't mean bounce around from one thing to another but take/try something new and then take it back into your work.  This is where the real reward is.  When you make it yours.  Working this way has lead me into some interesting projects and spilled over to my other ventures in so many ways.

Have you painted in Oils?
Me neither, but a few years ago when I was arranging an Oil Painting Workshop for my art group one of my friends talked me into coming too.  It was really interesting and a great challenge.  I learned a lot.  It totally helped me in my teaching as I could understand how painting and drawing skills worked together.  It extended into my writing as I published several articles on painting and drawing skills and how they meet.  I also took some of the skills back into my own watercolour and graphite work.  You can read more about it here.

My First Oil Painting - 8 x 10 - 

Have you tried drawing with permanent inks?
I know, you are going to say that really isn't a stretch for me.  I love to draw with pencils and inks but I had never tried the Zentangle/Doodle kind of drawing.  I picked up a book, again another friend had talked me into it.  (I guess I am more easily persuaded than I thought) This proved to be a real turning point for me.  Since I got the book, I have found that using patterning has influenced my work in so many ways.  For example, as my regular readers know, I talk more about finding the pattern and flow when drawing your realistic bird and animal feathers and fur and developing the backgrounds. My painting above "PERCHED ON THE LINE" is another example.  It is all about integrating my ink pattern work with my realistic wildlife.  
Actually my daughter thinks I went kind of crazy as I incorporated patterns into my realistic work, started teaching Seasonal Creative Card Classes and of course blogged on the benefits.  You can read more about this adventure here

Butterflies and Flowers teach you the freedom of the Line

Looking for a New Adventure?
Learn the power of 'the line' and 'the broken line' - feel the free flow of ink on paper.  Join me in a Spring Creative Card Class.  You will be using Butterflies and Flowers to create Whimsical Cards for any occasion.  Just imagine the fun of giving such personalized cards to family and friends. Cost $35 supplies included. Contact Wendy to register.  Classes are small and fill up fast.

Easter Monday, April 2, 10-12pm Expression Art Gallery, Maple Ridge
Saturday, April 21, 10-12pm, Art by Wendy's Studio/Gallery, N. Surrey
Wednesday, April 25, 1:30-3:30pm, Mandeville Gardens, S. Burnaby

Are you ready to try something new?  Have fun with your new adventure, you will be surprised how it creeps back into your work in so many ways.

See you next week - Find the answers to the Question: There are Rehearsals in Drawing?

My Etsy Store: WendyMouldsArt  is always open and new things added all the time.  

Opportunities Happening now: 

Have an Artfilled Day:  Wednesday, April 25
Gardenworks at Mandeville, 4746 Marine Dr. Burnaby

1.  Beginner Watercolour Class 10-12pm
Learn the secrets of Watercolour, the Big Wash, Wet into Wet, then drop in those Sprinkles of Detail to bring it all alive.  Just in time for your summer fun. 

2.  Creative Card Making Class 1:30-3:30pm
Start your Spring season off with a fun afternoon of making Creative Cards for those special people in your life; Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Friendship, Thank You's are more meaningful with personalized cards created by you.  Learn tricks and techniques to put your ideas into action.   

Workshops $35 each, all supplies included. Register Now with Wendy 
They have a wonderful little cafe there which I highly recommend for lunch. 

Drop-In & Draw Sessions: 
 Mondays: April 2, 16 & 30- 10-12pm or 1-3pm
Expression Art Gallery, 227 & Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge,
Choose a morning or afternoon session. Bring your sketchbook or project and come and work.  I will be happy to give you pointers.  $15 Pre-Registration Required.  Contact Wendy Here. 

Good Follow-Up Session to the Marketing Workshop: 
April 9 - Building Your Online Presence with Wendy Mould, AFCA 6-8pm. Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC. $20 nonmembers $15 members.

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