Sep 14, 2017

Ready to Start Drawing? Painting & Drawing Tips


September is like January, a time to make changes.  Maybe its because summer is over and it is time to move inside.  British Columbia had a hot and smoky summer this year and I think we are all glad to see the end of that.
Using pencils can produce Awesome Drawings you can enjoy as you work on your drawing skills 
So now are you ready . . . . .

To bring that passion to draw to life.  Or to bump up your drawing skills to new levels. You have been thinking about it for some time but . . .I know, There is always something in the way. Now it is time.

What's the first step? . . . .

Get your materials together.  Drawing with a pencil/pen is really one of the easiest mediums to sink into, few materials, no mess, very portable.

What to buy?. . . 
This is really a great time to purchase materials. With back to school sales happening everywhere, the basic materials are usually on sale. Here is a good starting kit.  There are always other things, different papers, other mediums but first get your sea-legs.

Make your sketchbooks your best friend, take them everywhere  

1.  Sketchbook: For beginners I suggest you get 2 books; a 9 x 12 for studio work and a 5.5 x 8 book to carry with you.  More advanced Artists may want a larger studio book, to practise working bigger. My Preference is a Canson Universal Sketch Book - 65lb paper, good for a variety of dry media and has a nice texture.

Don't worry about those empty spaces in your case, you will find lots of fun things to add later. 

2.  Pencils:
Yes, you can work with your standard HB pencil but once you try the creamy, soft 7B pencil and see the lovely texture you get, you will want more.  My preference is a set of Derwent Pencils - set of 12 Graphic Soft pencils, ranging from H Pencil to 9B Pencil; pick up a 4H & 7H to go with them.

3.  Erasers: You will need two types; your regular white vinyl eraser and a kneadable eraser. The vinyl erasers will be everywhere but the kneadable one is only at Art Supply places.  Lots more info on erasers here - Erasers: Your Friend or Enemy? 

4. Pencil Sharpener: definitely a good sharpener.  Your B pencils, especially the 8B & 9B are very soft and will break easy in a dull sharpener.  I have an electric one for the studio and a plain, little one for each of my travel kits.

5. Paintbrush: You are probably wondering about this one.  But yes, it is very important. A 1 inch, cheap house paint brush works great but once you start using it, you may want to pick up something fancy or colourful, just for fun.  Use this to brush away eraser debris, hairs, anything that is on your drawing. Way better than blowing or using your hand and really makes you feel professional!

6. Case: This is a must do.  You will have a collection of drawing materials that need to be kept together and your pencils need to be protected. Those soft 7, 8 & 9B pencil leads will break very easily if dropped or banged around.

Have good ventilation,  give your picture a light spray and then let it "air out".  (let the smell dissipate) Then close your book.
7. Fixative: My favourite is Grumbacher Workable Fixative, but there are several other very good ones on the market.  Pages that have lots of graphite on them will smear and and the edges soften. A light spray on your drawings keeps them from smearing.  Having a book filled with nice drawings feels good to look at.  It can be very motivating to see where you were compared to where you are now.

Ink and Graphite are a wonderful combination - Mixing the crisp dark lines of ink with the soft touch of graphite.  
8. Extras: Coloured Pencils and Pen are great ways to add spark to your drawings.  A set of 24 Prisma Coloured Pencils (24 pack) and a few Black or Coloured Pigma Permenant Ink Pens will work well in your sketchbook.  Pen Size 03 is a good all purpose size.
Black ink and coloured pencil work well too.  Make sure you get a 24 pack of Coloured Pencils.  This gives you more colours to work with.  Of course if you really get into coloured pencils the really large packs are great.  
Phew!  Feeling a little overwhelmed?  Having Confidence to mark up the paper is a big thing in drawing and any form of art.  You will find your confidence will rise and fall continually.  I know the feeling, when I first started drawing I often would do anything rather than put pencil to paper.  Even now when I have trouble with a drawing I find myself cleaning up, doing laundry, anything but facing the task.  My solution: get out an art book and see how others attacked the problem.  See my blog "3 Ways to Turn Drawing Despair into Action" for more confidence boosters.

Your work is cut out for you now.  You have a week to get your supplies in order, next week it is all about getting started!!
If you are already drawing, is there some favourite basic supplies you recommend?  I would love to add them to my list.

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