Sep 28, 2017

4 Ways to Grow the Sketchbook Habit - Painting & Drawing Tips

Sounds simple . . .
A Passion to Draw + Drawing Practice = Steady Improvement

What's the Problem?!

You know there is a problem . . .Life gets in the way.

Draw what interests you - big, small, lines or more.  This is the drawing I will Demo at my Studio Tour this weekend.  Come Draw with Me - Hands-On Drawing Demos are 11 am & 1pm.  
I always wanted to draw but never for a moment felt I could.  However, the idea was always in the back of my mind.  One day I talked about it with my husband.  He was looking for a Mother's Day gift for me and figured drawing materials would be a great idea.
Suddenly, there I was, great materials but "Now What?"  I just didn't know what to do first. How to get started.  After lots of trial and error I got underway.  These are the things I found got me going and more importantly, got me into the Sketchbook Habit. 

4 Ways to Grow the Sketchbook Habit

1.  Start with Line Drawings
A line drawing has a simple beauty of its own,  It relly is amazing how a few lines can tell a story.  It's like the props in a play; a box and a curtain can suddenly put you in a far off place.   A line drawing gets you started, will take some time but the results will be encouraging.  You wont be stuck for every on one thing.
Line Drawings with a few dark spots can really spark your interest.  This one is from my daughter's grass-hockey days.

2.  Leave a Picture Unfinished
Just like Writer's Block, Artists can be blocked by that 'Big White Space'.  Draw what interest you and don't worry if you 'filled the page'.  If it is small put a border around it and move on.  Remember this book is about you and your work.
There is a certain beauty in a picture that is unfinished.  I really enjoyed the contrast between the finished pears and the unfinished one.  I felt I had captured the shading and I was ready to try something else.

3.  Collect Pictures to Draw

There are lots of wonderful pictures on-line, print them out and put them with your book.  Yes, you can use your phone or iPad for reference but often you are not in a spot where that works.  If the picture is there, all that's needed is to pull out your book and pencil and 'get to it'.  This doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't draw from life but you won't always be somewhere that has something you want to tackle.
Some pictures may take several sittings but if you have your photo it is easy to pick up and carry on.  I liked this one so much I later drew it in Coloured Pencil.  See it here
4.  Take your Sketchbook Everywhere
In the supply list I suggested 2 sizes of books: a larger one for studio work and a smaller one for travel. (See blog on Ready to Start Drawing?)  I learned to draw at swimming lessons.  My daughter's.  Each week she went swimming, I had an hour to just sit and draw while I waited. (Of course I looked up once and awhile to see how she was doing!)  I had a packet of pictures ready to go, I just pulled one out and started.  If I didn't finish what I wanted to do, it was handy for next time.  It worked great.

Yes: Passion + Practice = Artist 
 but it does take time.  Getting into the Sketchbook Habit really helps make that happen.  As your pages fill up you will feel your confidence and passion grow.

What tricks do you use to grow the Sketchbook Habit?  What keeps you coming back to drawing? I would love to hear your best practices.

If you are just getting started check out my post "Ready to Start Drawing" for a basic list of supplies and "Time to Meet Your Drawing Friends" to get to know what your pencils can do.

Next post, a step by step drawing lesson.  See you then.

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