Nov 17, 2016

Yikes! Patterns are everywhere. Painting & Drawing Tips

SITTING PRETTY - 5 X 7 - Watercolour
This is one of my pieces in my Constructive Organic Series

After working with patterns and tangles for my Constructive Organic series (see here to see more) I began to look around. You know what it is like, you are buried in the trenches and really can't see anything.  Your done so you lift your head up you begin to notice all kinds of things.

I noticed patterns.

Patterns are everywhere in our work.  Patterns of colours, patterns in shapes and patterns in lines.  Colours are bright, colourful, dark, mute; shapes are rounded, angular, big, small; even the lines can vary: curved, straight, soft,  hard, vertical,  horizontal it goes on and on.  You see what I mean, patterns are everywhere.

So what? 

Studying your patterns is an important part of critiquing your work.  However, when to critique and when to keep going is a fine step.  

As you draw or paint you make marks.  But each mark does not stand alone.  You are making a pattern as well. This means to critique a mark in isolation will lead you no where.  Have you been caught in that circle - paint/draw a spot, looks weird, you wipe it off, do it again, still looks weird, you wipe it off,  . . . . .  Bin there, done that.

Let's look at an example:
Here is a single rosebud.

 Draw this little rosebud. As you make the rosebud, it becomes very important. Your total focus is on it. You immediately begin to evaluate its success. Is it right? Round enough?Are there enough rings in it?

But Wait.  What happens when it is in a cluster?
The Rosebud is not alone, it is part of a cluster.  It begins to lose its individuality.

Now inside a picture? 

Note the Rosebuds in the little tree on the right.  Any inperfection in a single bud is lost when you view them as a whole.
This is one of my Christmas Cards - (5 x7) $10 handdrawn, one of a kind.  Fun to do after working with my Constructive Organic Series.

Note the Rosebuds in the center tree and the one on the right.  The perfection of each bud is no longer an issue.  As a group they look good.
This is one of my Christmas Cards - (5 x7) $10 handdrawn, one of a kind.  Fun to do after working with my Constructive Organic Series.

Suddenly it settles into "the whole" (your picture) and no longer has that importance.  Now is the time to evaluate.

Sounds simple. But do we do it?

In the heat of the battle, it gets forgotten.  Whether you are drawing or painting it is important to relate the mark to the whole pattern you are making rather than focusing just on the mark. 

How?  You ask?

Simple.  Step away from the easel, if standing or set your work upright and move back if you are working flat.  Still  unsure how things look. Leave the room. Work on something else. Make the decision with a cool head, not one deep in battle. 

Do you see the patterns in your work? Is your work about patterns in colour, shapes, lines or some else? 

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Keep posting these good tips Wendy!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks, I am glad you find them helpful.