Sep 17, 2015

Painters Just Wanna Have Fun!!


That is for sure!

Have you forgotten? Are you buried in your studio, working hard for shows?  Barely keeping up with things?

So easy to forget why you paint.  And how much you love what you do.
When you are in the trenches it is hard to see over the top. The world is whizzing by and you are missing it.

Breaking the cycle doesn't always mean a rest, a quick change my make the difference. 

Some of the Gibson Scenery
The Gibson Plein Air Festival was a great break for me. A perfect way to end the season and get ready to head into the Fall/Christmas rush.  Jan Poynter is the organizer and with her many volunteers she has put together a great 3 day event.  

Jan and Ruth with their demos - Sorry Edna I just didn't make it to your demo
Friday started with a morning demo on Plein Air Basics - how to equip yourself for mini to maxi outings in watercolour, acrylic and oil.  I was happy to assist with that demo and even though I do lots of outdoor work I was pleased to learn a few new tricks.

Sketch Crawlers Working Hard
In the afternoon we were off on a sketchcrawl, lead by Paula & Dennis O'Brien.  Stopping for 20 minutes at a spot to do a quick sketch.  I loved it.  I have been following a Liz Steel, a major urban sketcher blogger in Australia and I really felt like I was on one of her outings.  We chatted, we walked, we sketched, we shared.  And Gibson has so much to offer in such a tiny space!!

Some of the Sketch Crawl drawings
My Sketch Crawl Paintings
The evening was a barbecue, great to meet and greet everyone.  Lots of juicy discussions, met many new friends, and of course good eats and drinks.
Good to have time to chat
More Art talk happening, and others too

Saturday saw us up and on the docks by 8:30.  Setting up and painting. We blanketed the little town with painters.  Soooooo much fun.  

Working hard
1pm was a gathering time, showing off work and of course a picture moment.  

Our Saturday Painters 
Some of Saturday's Paintings

Early Morning - My Saturday Painting

Many went back to paint but many went to RuthRodgers Pastel demo.  Not really my thing but very interesting to watch.  Ruth did impress us with how quickly a pastel can be worked up and how many of the steps are so like working with oils and acrylics.  The late afternoon sun set most of us on our way for the day but a few were back to catch the light.  ( I must admit there was a golf course at our campsite and I could feel it calling me.  I got 9 holes in before dark!!) 

This fellow greeted us on the wharf Sunday Morning
Sunday was a little different. 

Our nice weather was starting to collapse, it was cooler and windy.  Well gusty, actually.  Made for innovative methods to keep everything together and paints wet. A few paintings hit the dirt and hats went flying but over all the painting went well. 
Some of the Sunday Group
Enda Bardell had a watercolour demo at 2.  I had to miss this as I was not finished my Sunday Picture.  Then at 4 we gathered at the Landing Gallery for show reception. 
Not too many photos for today as my battery died. ( Who checks and charges their battery at night when they are immersed in painting.)  But there are tons more pictures on Jan'sWebsite.   (Give her a few more days to get them up on her site.  She was tired by the end of the weekend!) 

Headed home on Monday morning, feeling fresh, inspired and full of new plans.  

Bring on the fall rush, I am ready for it!!

If a 3 day break doesn't work for you, try something shorter.  Get out, paint something new, kibitz with artists, revitalize your love of painting.  When that spark is back, nothing can stop you.

I know that you aren't all painters but you know what I mean.  You are head down, working hard, pedal to the metal.  Just taking a break wont do it.  Get out, try something new, kibitz with friends, revitalize.  Get your spark back. Be ready for the fall rush.

The Plein Air season is drawing to a close here on the coast. (I know some of you are out all year and I will be too on a nice day.)  There are more and more festivals and groups out there painting now. Good Starting Place to find groups or events are the Meetup groups, Urban Sketchers or  Start preparing for next year. 

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Have a great day,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Looks like great fun was had by all and the weather looked great

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

It was a great energizer event. I do admire Jan with sticking with it to get this going. This is the 4 th year and getting bigger all the time.