Jan 22, 2015

What happens when you are flushed with Success?!!


You do the research
Make a plan
Set to work
Voila  - It Worked!!
On the Ridge - 2 x 3.5 inches - Graphite
My adventure with miniatures made with graphite have really given me lots of new ideas.  Up until now my miniature work has been based in ink and watercolour using special brushes and fine tip pens to develop my image.  I love to draw but I didn't feel I could draw a miniature because my tools seemed too large!!

But after my first drawing, "On the Watch" (see last post) turned out so well I just had to try more.  So many "what if's" popped into my head!

What if . . . the picture was smaller
. . .the whole body was drawn
. . .more of the environment was there
. . the format changed

So flushed with success, "On the Ridge"  was created!!

Lots is happening: 
I have taken on the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge with a fellow blogger, Sea Dean.  She has set up a great site for artists to post their pictures and anyone can vote on their favourites.  We are already at Day 22, where did the time go!!   I have put a page on my blog for all my challenge pictures, you will see it on my header.

Also, Artists, my all day Marketing Workshop is set for Sunday, February 22, 2015, 10-3pm.  Build your Marketing Skills to become an Independent Artist on your terms.  See  Marketing Page for more  Information &  Registration. Only 2 spots left. 

Don't live in the Fraser Valley?  I am available for presentations to your art group or come and stay, I have a special workshop Bed and Breakfast rate.  Just email for info. 

And you thought January was a slow month!??  Have a good day. 

Contact Wendy to purchase any of my Work.  Collectors enjoy a 10% discount on all original work.


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Good one Wendy are you using your mechanical pencil, I love them always sharp

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, I did use them quite a bit but my good old 2b Derwent still gives me that gradiation I like.
Glad to hear you enjoyed my picture. Very sorry to hear the Bighorn Sheep near Keromeos are suffering from disease. They have such a quiet dignity to them and I hate to hear they are suffering.