May 30, 2013

Had to Share Red - she is just too beautiful

RED - 16 x 20  Graphite Sold
Just before we left on our trip I finished up Red and sent her home.   I was really pleased with her. 
When we did the photo shoot and we got great pictures of her standing, sitting, walking and gazing about. She was very patient with us, letting us follow her around and snap away.  Then she heard a noise in the next field and she was gone!!  We called and after a bit she came running back.  I quickly lined up my camera and I knew I had my shot.
Red is a Rhodesian Ridgeback in her prime, what a beautiful dog and a great companion.  It was a real privilege and a joy to draw her. Enjoy!!

If you have a picture of your best friend you would like me to draw just drop me line, I would love to work up a picture for you.


Brenda Hill said...

Your pencil was dancing with this one Wendy, it just flows

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, I agree. And I really enjoyed this dance!

Studio at the Farm said...

Wow! Were you ever lucky to have your camera handy for the action shot! It is a beautiful drawing, Wendy!!! You really have got the Rhodesian ridgeback look to the face and eye.