Feb 22, 2012

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE - Newton Cultural Center

 That's me hard at work on my latest project - my short-eared owl (you'll see him on the next blog)

Problem-solving, with an artist on their latest project, sharing ideas and even bringing in a laptop so we can sort out computer issues; these are just some of the things that are happening on Tuesday morning with Becky McMahon and myself, Artists in Residence at the Newton Cultural.  I am real enjoying the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists that stop by.  We end up having some great discussions and there is always something new to learn.  If times are slow, Becky and I have our own discussions about projects we are working so things are always lively, the morning just flies.  We are there on Tuesdays 10-12pm til April 27 and the program is free.

One of the initiatives that Becky and I are working on with the Arts Council of Surrey is a juried show "Just Birds" in the Culture Center Gallery for the month of June.  The theme of course is birds, one of many artists favourite subjects and so dear to many of our hearts.  As long as there is something about birds in your picture, that is all we ask.  Can you just imagine the variety we will get.  Photography and 3D works are also eligible so the variety will be limitless.  The entry deadline is Friday, April 27, 4pm. and it is an Open Call to Artists.  Applications are available by contacting the Arts Council of Surrey or by contacting Becky or myself. 
Becky with her latest project, she is putting a new twist to her work and it is really looking great.


Gillian Olson said...

Interesting post Wendy, keep up the great work.

Studio at the Farm said...

Great post, Wendy! You and Becky are doing good work! I WILL drop in!!!
How about some geese for your "Birds"?

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks ladies. Kathyrn, I would think that geese are birds and I thought for sure you would be entering this show, it is right up your alley.

Carol Andre' said...

Wish it weren't in Canada! I'd try to enter. Birds are "my thing"... I'll have to enjoy it thru your posts I guess. :-)

Doreen Cross said...

Looks like you and Becky are having the time of your lives there.

Have fun.

Wendy Mould said...

Hi Carol, it is too bad you can not enter. I will be posting more on it as it gets closer. We are getting lots of enquires so I hope that means lots of entries.
Hi Dors, yes Becky and I are having a good time with it. We had several interesting visitors this morning so discussions were lifely!