Jul 31, 2011

We Are Back!

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Yes we just got home from a holiday on the Sunshine Coast, otherwise known as the west coast of BC.  We travelled up to Powell River and over to Texada Island and camped there for a few weeks and then back to Powell River for a few days and Sechelt and Gibson for a few days.  As anyone will tell you the weather was not the greatest but we had a good time just the same.  I had a different experience painting as the water and skies were grayer, the mountains were almost none existent for much of the time but the cloud formations were often just amazing!! The skies would be blue and gray and black all at the same time depending on where you looked.  I have included a few of my pictures from Texada and more will come over the next few days and you can see for yourself, great skies! 

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We did some crabbing, some hiking and picked huckleberries (huckleberry pie is one of our favourites and we do have a small oven in the trailer so . . .) and of course read a few good books.  The deer were very plentiful and we saw them everywhere we went, the sandcastle festival went off despite the rain and somehow that wonderful flow of summer time happened despite the weather, it was a great.

I went painting one day with an artist friend from Powell River, Alfred Muma http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.127421860680906.28420.100002392776575&l=cb4091ebb6&type=1

We went to Eagle River Gorge, and walked along the trail to one of the pools.  The river makes a deep cut through the rock and has a series of waterfalls into several lovely pools.  We stopped at one of the pools and set up to paint.  I was really captivated with the arbutus tree hanging off the cliff over the pools and he focused on the water rushing into the pool.  Warm, no bugs, great company, sunlight playing on the trees and water, and all day just to paint, what more could you ask for??   For more of Alfred’s work see http://www.awmuma.com/index.html
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Dors said...

Welcome back. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday despite the weather. All day painting. nice.
Love your paintings. I love the skies, lots of cloud formation.
Glad you had a great time. Look forward to seeing more paintings.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks so much Dors. Yes, painting all the time sitting by the beach is certainly a lovely way to spend the day. Too bad we can't do that more often!! Have fun on your trip only a few days to go.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Looks like a great time, Wendy! Being out in the elements is such an inspiring experience! Nice watercolors, looking forward to seeing more.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Barbara, yes it is wonderful to paint outside. You can really get a feel for your subject and see so much more. I find there is always little stories that come with those adventures and when I see the picture they come back to me.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Welcome back Wendy - these paintings have a lovely carefree feel about them, just as you would feel on holidays - love them!!! :)

Wendy Mould said...

HI Karen,
You are so right, once you settle into that holiday pace it is amazing how good you feel. I must admit the first few days back seem so hectic in comparison.