Jul 7, 2011


DANCING LILIES - 20 x 24 - Available
Flowers are suddenly everywhere, and so bright and cheerful after our dull, gray spring. I am not usually much of a flower painter but I have really been inspired by them. After the success of my painting “Explosive Colour”,  I decided to try another pouring and this time feature the lilies that are blooming in so many different colours everywhere. For my earlier projects I kept several areas covered in frisket to keep them white for the pour but this time I kept only one area clear with plans of keeping two other areas partly clear. Below you can see my original pour with a start on the negative painting. No, as you can see the other clearings did not happen. The pour just took on its own life and like any painting this one just took off on its own. Once I got started and I just hung on and went for the ride. The result is dazzling colour, lots of movement and what I call “Dancing Lilies”. This is definitely a different process from my well planned and detailed drawings and paintings!! It is great fun!
We will be camping and on day trips for the next few weeks so there will be lots of new works when we are back.


Carol Blackburn said...

So pretty, Wendy.

Dors said...

Lovely work Wendy. You are getting into the flowers lately :) and I love your BG's. The yellow Lily really pops.

Donna MacDonald said...

Beautifully done - I love the colour combo!! The flowers are finally in bloom in Calgary.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Carol, Dors and Donna,yes the flowers are really starting to bloom it makes you realize how much we miss that colour in the winter. I guess you are in winter now Dors but it really doesn't compare to our winter.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

This is simply stunning Wendy - so happy and what a beautiful combination of colours - love it!!! :)

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Karen, I love the colour and movement in this piece as well.