Aug 9, 2010

Can Holidays Really be Over??


Can those lazy days at the beach really be over? We are back from holidays and life is humming once again. We spent 4 weeks on the Sunshine Coast stopping here and there, walking on the beach, enjoying the sunsets, reading and of course painting all the time.

My Support Team - Steve & Rusty

My focus this year was my miniature work as I am preparing for my show in October. I have several pictures to show you over the next few entries. Lots of people stopped and chatted as I painted and a few of my pictures I could have sold several times over.

Me hard at Work

I also have exciting news for you. Bev Yaworski wrote an article featuring me and my work and published it in the July addition of the Senior Living magazine. She did a get job. Her article makes you feel you are involved in a conversation with me and yet there are all kinds of information tidbits sprinkled throughout. You can see it at It was a great experience to work with Bev on the article.


Dors said...

Welcome back Wendy.
Congratulations on the sale of Dick Island.
Great photos of you and hubby. Looks like you had the greatest time.
Another congratulations... being featured in the Senior Living Magazine. Well deserved. 'I'm off to look at the article.

Great news all round.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Dors, glad you enjoyed the pictures.