Jun 25, 2010


THE MUSHROOM FAMILY - 4.5 x 6.5 - For Sale

Here is a little family I found nestled in the ferns when we were camping on the Sunshine Coast of BC. I had to lay on a mat to get some pictures of them but it was worth it. This is a great little family: the Dad, the Mom and the two 'good' kids cuddled up close and the 'other' one, with the family but with a much more independent nature. I love the 'independent' one, he is the one that can change the world and add that touch of excitement to life if his energy is focused in the right direction. As a teacher I always tried to move that little one forward and it was very rewarding when it worked.
Summer is here and so entries will be slow as we will soon be off on holidays where I will be painting up a storm and finding lots of new material to develop this winter.


Dors said...

I really love this one and I love the story to go with it. What a lovely composition.
Love the colors..
Great job Wendy.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Dors. I am thinking of putting this pictue in the Artists of BC book that is going into print this fall. I need one picture to go with my bio and I felt this one really works.

Dors said...

Hope you have a great holiday..Looking forward to you being back with us.

Miss you.

Gabrielle Greig said...

The first mushroom (actually the 3 together) to the left looks like a girl with a large sunhat leaning over to whisper something in the other mushroom's ear.They certainly have taken on personas! Good job! Love the colors.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Gabielle, I really felt they were like a family out on a walk. I glad you see the imagery as well.