Jul 9, 2009

Daly and Joejoe are coming along nicely

Well you can see I have really been working hard. I must admit that once I have my project set up and things are going well I have a hard time stopping. Both the dogs are coming along great and I am quite pleased with the results.

I am now starting to look at the overall shape of the drawing and I think I will have to extend the bodies a bit more and also I am going to cloud in around them a bit so the shape is more horizontal and to make some of the whites in the hair stand out better. To finish the lower part of the drawing I will be using a cloth to get away from the harsher edge that is there now. Their beards are a lot of fun, there are so many curls and swirls of hair it is a real challenge to keep it light but also get that feeling of fluffiness in the hair. I love how it is coming together.

Have a great day and my next post should have the boys ready for home.


Dors said...

Yes It's coming along beautifully. They are gorgeous dogs.

Great job so far and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished look.

Wendy Mould said...

Thanks Dors, I am working hard on them and should have the finished results up before we are away again. I am really enjoying the challenge.

Dors said...

Hi Wendy.
I have a gift for you on my blog if you would like to collect it.