Feb 24, 2014

Special Moment!!

The Lady Vanishes Poster - Winner in the Silver Screen Competion
Wendy with the Winning Poster!!
Yes, it is a Winner!! Second Place in the Silver Screen Show!!  I am thrilled.  I know this is bragging a bit but awards don't happen every day, I just had to share!!  
When the show was announced last fall, I must admit that I didn't pay it much attention.  Then one day I thought I would just Google things and see what they were talking about.  I found all this information on Alfred Hitchcock and suddenly an idea began to grow.  I decided to go for it.  It was really outside of my box in terms of size and subject matter but it turned out to be a really fun project that I really enjoyed doing Winning a prize just seemed the fairy tale ending to my story.
The show opened at the Surrey Arts Center on Feb. 16  and now it is on the road.  Feb 18-26 Newton Cultural Center, Feb 26-Mar 31 Jinny Sims MP Office, 8532 120 St Surrey, and then to the new Surrey City Hall complex in April. 
If you would like to see a better picture of my poster and learn more about it check my earlier blogs January 22, January 24, and January 27.  
Have a Great Day.


Studio at the Farm said...

Congradulations, Wendy! It deserved to be in the winners' circle - such a striking poster!

Brenda Hill CDM said...

Wendy, it was a great show well done

Gillian Olson said...

Congratulations Wendy, wonderful image.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thank you so much. These special moments don't come around all the time for us so it is important to celebrate them.