Nov 29, 2013

Sketchbook/Journals Under Production!!


Have you been out hiking and wanted to stop and sketch or paint but no materials??!!

That happened to me years ago when we were canoeing the Bowron Lakes.  On a 10-day canoe trip with lots of portages everything has to be packed and organized to the max.  During the day I would have 20-30 minutes to do a sketch but trying to keep things handy and dry was a real challenge.  When we got home I decided to design my own setup - my sketchbook/journals were the results.  The key to my journal covers is: the large pocket on the front that holds LOTS of stuff (glue stick, mini scissors, pens, pencils, paintbrush and more); they are fabric with a velcro fastener so they can grow as things are added to the pages; the whole thing fits into the largest ziploc bag so it can be kept clean and dry; and best of all, it features one of my pictures on the front!!
The Production Line

Journaling has always been an interest for me.  I like to use my journals to write about my trips and sketch and paint things along the way.  I also use it as a scrapbook, keeping mementos of the things we see and do.  With everything handy and easy to carry, I find I am able to work in my book whereever I am.  This means when I come back from my trip, my book is complete. (I often do the final entry on the plane on the way home.)

Right now I am in full production,  I enjoy sewing and it is fun to "just go at it" for a few days. I need extra on hand as Christmas is coming and I know how much they are appreciated by anyone that likes to write, scrapbook, sketch or paint on the go!
Pocket Sketchbook/Journal with the sketchbook that fits inside

My sketch/journals include a cloth cover, a 5.5 x 8.5 Canson Sketchbook, a pen and pencil and sell for $32. Pictures vary.  To purchase "a sketchbook/journal" Contact Wendy or come to the show next week Dec 6 & 7.  Audrey and I will be doing a demo at 1:30, Dec 6 as part of this show, "Adding Excitement to Your Journaling".  We will also be doing a workshop on Journaling, March 9.  (see my page Shows/Workshops/Private Classes for more info)
Have a great day.


Studio at the Farm said...

That is quite a production line, Wendy! Good for you!!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, Santa's elves are working hard at our place.