Mar 28, 2011

Kona - The Baby

KONA - THE BABY 5.5 x 6.5 Sold
Little Kona is finished and ready to be framed. She performed well at the drawing class giving everyone an idea how to work with both light and dark colors without using a background. She also provided lots of entertainment as she is so sweet. Her sister Sierra, has been ever so happy to have her come into their home. The two of them play all the time and Sierra also looks out for her where ever they go.

My next project is a pair of Northern Flickers that were feeding at our bird feeder all winter. They certainly caught our eye as they have very distinctive markings and were so much bigger than all the other birds. Their favorite thing was to hang upside on the little feeder and gorge on the suet. Needless to say we were replenishing it often.


Julia Ruffles | wildlife animal artist said...

what a little sweetheart!:) thankyou for following my blog I look forward to reading past and future postings from yourself too, a great lesson in lighting, perfectly placed pencilstrokes - such a hunble medium I think, Jules

Studio at the Farm said...

My goodness, she was good at your drawing class?? What a sweetheart!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

What a sweet looking little one you've captured with your pencil here. Looking forward to seeing your Flickers next. Are they the beautiful birds with the red/rust color? They are larger than even a Stellar Jay? We have them here if they are the same. Really pretty birds, so I will look for them in your next blog, Wendy! Spring is here!!

Wendy Mould said...

Hi Ladies and thank you so much for your encouraging comments. As you can see Kona was fun to draw and I must admit once I started I didn't want to stop.
Yes Barb I do think the Flickers are a bit bigger than a Jay but not by much. The males have a very distinctive red splash below their eyes and they have beautiful orange tail feathers.