Jul 13, 2009

My First Blogging Award

I was very thrilled to receive this Premio Meme award from my friend Dors (http://dorsart.blogspot.com/ ). It is my first blogging award. Thanks so much Dors. Dors is an Australian artist that I have met through my blog. She does some great work, check it out.
The rules for the award are to list 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 other artists. Well, here I go: I have a great dog, Rusty. He is a miniature poodle and through him I have learned the true meaning of a lapdog.I love pens and pencils and I am constantly trying and buying new ones.I want to learn how to do basket weaving and rug hooking. I love the rugs that have woven pictures on them that they do in Nova Scotia and I would like to learn how to do that with some of my pictures.I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. Some days are good but other days I am calling my son to rescue me!I love to read and often I have to read the last chapter so I can turn out the light.I have a husband of 38 years who is my most enthusiastic supporter and I have two children who have helped me in hundreds of ways to move forward with my art. I have been so fortunate to have such a fan club.
I would like to pass this on to artists that have motivated and encouraged me all the way.
Brenda Hill at www.myartclub.com - a great friend and pencil artist whose work I love to look at.
Becky McMahon: www.triskeltreecreations.com – a great friend and artist. She does wonderful work with Chinese brush painting on rice paper
Grahame Butler: http://grahamebutler.blogspot.com/ - I love to look at his work and he is always so quick to comment on mine.
Gabriel Greig: www.gabriellegreig.myartchannel.com and www.mrspicasso.com - she is an artist and a clown, a truly unique person and very inspiring
Florence Morris: http://artbyflorence.blogspot.com/ a new artist that is just getting her wings. It is very exciting to see a new artist learning and growing.
Mike Sibley: http://www.sibleyfineart.com – I just love to look at his work and he has so much information on his site.
Tony Miller: http://pencilshaver.blogspot.com - Again, I just love his work and he is such a fountain of knowledge.

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