Jul 13, 2009

Daly and Joejoe are Ready to go Home

Yes the boys are done. I am really pleased with them. Daly, in the background, is the one that always has a sparkle in his eye and Joejoe is the more serious one. I really tried to get that feeling with the dogs. I must admit that it was a challenge though as the picture of the dogs appearance was wonderful but their eyes were flashbulbs.
I included a bit of shading in the background as I had suggested in my earlier blog and I am very pleased with it. (The shading is a little darker and more widespread on the original. The scan didn't pick it all up.) It really seems to make them stand out and also helps to give the picture a more balanced view as a landscape. I used a cloth and rubbed the graphite on to do this and I found that it worked well to get that uneven look with lots of soft edges.
Have a great day, my next pencil project is Jack Russells, should be fun.

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Dors said...

Very nice job Wendy. and so you should be pleased with this. It's stunning.