Monday, November 24, 2014

Have you had a "fight to the finish"?


 You Begin,

Then Retreat!

Move forward again

Step Back!

and Battle On!

Mine started very innocently.  I was excited, I had a wonderful photo  of two little House Sparrows perched on a bird house from my trip to  Kilby Historical Site at Harrison Mills. I had great plans for the painting and I even had a title ready to go!

My plan: a square painting; the view on an angle; use the shingle line to lead to my focal point. I was ready!

My colours were mixed and I started to work. The shingles were fun to paint, I incorporated all my main colours into them, made them interesting and I felt they seemed to have a bit of life to them. That's when the trouble started!

My shadow colour killed my shingles!  

I fought back - switched to a purple black.  My shingles started to breath again.  I glazed them with Quin Burnt Orange, then again. Things were looking bleak.  I advanced - I painted the birdhouse!  My husband came by "those colours look funny" he commented. 

Definitely Time to Retreat!

I grabbed my colour theory books, I read, I experimented. 
I glazed and lifted. 
We battled!

Finally we collapsed, the colours were working
my picture had come to life!!

I relaxed and started to move on. But wait, a final skirmish! at the Framing Table!
The shape didn't work, the square was out.

I cropped!

"House Hunting" was born!
House Hunting - 4.5 x 6.5 - Watercolour

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