Jun 21, 2018

Try a REAL Painting Challenge - Painting & Drawing Tips

Sounds Mundane!

The internet is full of these painting challenges - 30 Days 30 Pictures; Draw 100 Portraits; 20 Minutes Daily Painting Challenge . . . .

Have you ever tried one?  
Artists selected for the Vinoscenti Vineyards Threes Seasons Art Competition

I tried a 30 Day 30 Picture Challenge several years ago.  It was tough.  I didn't get 30 pictures completed, and some of the ones I did do were crap. But, actually it was great.  It forced me to get my act together and do something.  There was a kind of accountability that I needed to make some real changes in my work. 

Things have been going along quite well since then, no I haven't tried any more challenges.  I have always been 'too busy', 'no time', 'important stuff to do'.  You know, the usual avoidance stuff that is easy to talk yourself into. 

Things have changed . . .

I saw this call for artists to complete in a Juried Show.  Only 15 artists would be selected from those entering.  Once selected, a theme would be announced and there would be 2 months to complete the painting.  The catch, the picture had to be 24 x 36.  Not bad for an acylic or oil on canvas but my medium is watercolour or pencil. 

My first impulse was to say no.  Then I got to thinking how I wanted to try bigger paintings but always put it off. Remember I love miniature work and usually work small. I was also feeling really good after a 14 x 18 inch watercolour I had just completed, which is pretty large for me.   On an impulse, I entered.  I was picked!

The Challenge is on, paint a BIG watercolour.  

Here goes. . . .

All the Artists gathered at a reception, on June 15 to meet and learn more about the Theme.  The Call is for a Local Winery, Vinoscenti Vineyards, here in Surrey.  They want to use the picture for their label this year and make this Juried Call an annual event.  The theme, Joy of Life.  Now that is giving me some late nights as I ponder what I will paint.  What would you do for a painting for this theme? This was really not my only concern.  I realized I had a few other problems to address first.
Now this is a BIG PIECE of paper for someone that has painted 1.5 x 3.5 miniature Works!!

1st Problem: Watercolour paper

A full sheet of Watercolour paper is 22 x 30.  I needed something bigger.  I also wanted it to be 300 lbs so it would be easier to handle.  That is a special order and would take time.  I started asking some of my watercolour friends to see if any of them had a piece I could buy from them. I was lucky.  One friend had just received a message from an artist that had moved into oil and acrylic and had over-sized paper to sell. She had a couple of Arches 300 lb sheets at a discounted price.  I was in. 

2nd Problem: To Frame or Not to Frame

I realized that this was going to be a very big picture to put under glass.  It was going to be way too heavy for me to cart around.  So I decided to mount it on a wood panel and varnish it. 
Off I went to Opus, our local art store to talk to someone about this.  I know, there are a million videos online but I wanted to talk to a real person.  I learned lots.

Well now I have my paper, work is underway.  Every step is a new adventure.  I will share some of this adventure with you.  First up: Mounting watercolour to a wood panel.  It is apparently better to do this first. Next week I will share.  Wish me luck!

Have you got something you really want to try? Start your Challenge and dig in. 

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