Feb 15, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year - Painting & Drawing Tips


Gong Zi Fa Cai Happy Chinese New Year

This is the Year of the Yellow Earth Dog

ME, FETCH? - Max's Baby picture, he loves to play but still feels that chasing him is more fun than him fetching!!

This year's prediction is it will be a good year but an exhausting one.  The advice is to remove words like planning, postponing and ignoring from your vocabulary.  The Dog will accelerate things and at the same time bring pressure and stress in everyday life.  So it is not surprising there is a warning to pay attention to your health.  The advice, Eat healthy, Get active and Get rid of bad habits, seems like good advice to me.  I was very encouraged to see that 2018 will be a good  financial year, with the changing markets it is always nice to have a safe financial prediction.

The Year of the Dog is all about how dogs are man's good friend.  He understands the human spirit and obeys his master.  He is known for his loyalty and exuberance. Dogs are very close to my heart.  Drawing dogs is one of my main sources of Commission Work.  I must admit I love meeting all these dogs and I am probably the only one at the dog park that notices dog profiles!  I thought to celebrate the Year of the Dog I would introduce you to some of the dogs I have met through my drawings.

Of course I had to start off with Max, my dog.  He is going to be two in March and just getting into the teenage mode.  He is a great companion, Steve and I are really enjoying him.
ERIK - 11 x 14 Commission
I had to include Erik is this collection, his portrait was a such a fun one to do.  I loved his little look.  His happy little face kept me company all the time I worked on his drawing.
ARIA - 11 x 14 Commission
Aria, a rescue dog, is in a very happy home.  He is getting older now but still loves to play with his family. His portrait was a Special Christmas Surprise for the Family.

DENVER - 11 x 14 Commission
Denver's Portrait was a Surprise Birthday present.  His favourite walk, as you may have guessed,  is on the beach and of course a stick is not far off.
RED - 16 x 20 Commission
Red is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  He had a bumpy start as a puppy, literally chewing everything in sight. But once he was older, he was an awesome dog.  I really loved to look at his beautiful lines and his drawing has always been one of my favourite.

ALI - 14 x 18 Commission
Ali is a sweet little Shetland Collie.  He came over for a photo shoot for his portrait.  I took lots of pictures but when I caught this shot, I knew I had a winner.

WALKING BUDDIES - Private Collection
No celebration of Dogs can be complete without my Walking Buddy.  This is Rusty, our old guy.  He was a wonderful companion for 19.5  years. I am grateful that I have such a wonderful portrait to remember him by. 

As an artist at some point you will be asked if you can paint or draw someone's pet. It is a privilege to be asked.  TheIR pet is such a special friend to them and you will be giving them something the whole family will treasure.  I am very thankful that so many people have entrusted me with creating their special memories.

Next Post: Make that Fur Soft and Fluffy - whether you paint or draw, getting soft and fluffy fur puts life in your animals. 

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