Aug 17, 2017

OMG!! I have a NEW Major Medium - Painting and Drawing Tips


 Not sure if my studio has room for it. . .  but . . . I am really loving it.

It all started innocently enough, I guess all major events start that way.  I was packing for art supplies for our 4 week camping trip.  Now as many of you know, I live on the West Coast of Canada and one of the things we are noted for, is our rain.  So although I prefer to paint outside on the trail or at the beach I know we will have rain.  So I need rainy day art supplies too.

I was pulling things out of my draws and saw my Canson Mi-Teintes Assorted Colors (Pastel) Paper paper.  Yeah, I thought, I should take that and maybe some coloured pencils.  I have always been meaning to try working with this paper.

UP FOR AIR - 5 X 7, Coloured Pencil on soft blue paper Available at Etsy
This little seal was following my kayak when I was kayaking with the salmon last September.  After he checked me out, he gave a good flick of his tail and dove under.  I think he splashed me deliberately!  (See my blog post on kayaking with the salmon here. )

My first picture started out a little poorly.  I didn't realize there was a smooth side and textured side to the paper.  You can work on both sides but it is a lot more work to get a smooth blended picture on the rough side!!  I did persist and QUIETLY WAITING, my heron was the result.

QUIETLY WAITING - 5 x 7, Coloured Pencil on tan paper
Herons are a common sign on the waterfront where we camp on Texada Island.  This heron was standing in the water during slack tide.  He didn't seem to be fishing, just looking around.  

It was after finishing QUIETLY WAITING my real trouble began.

I decided to try another picture using the blue paper and this time I would be sure and use the smooth side. UP FOR AIR was the result.  I loved him.  I even worked on him on sunny days!

When I got home I knew I had to try more.  I had taken this great picture of a crow on a log and I really wanted to draw him.   The camping laundry had to wait, I needed to 'set this guy up'.

WIP - AT THE BEACH - 12 x 16 coloured Pencil on tan paper
Yes, he is much bigger and yes, he is on the smooth side.  I so exciting to see him come alive on my paper.   

You will have to tune in later to see my finished crow.  Needless to say, coloured pencil is slower than painting. Right now it is also slower than graphite as I have to feel my way with colours on the tinted paper.

Spending 4 weeks painting/camping trip this summer has brought about great changes to my work. You can read about the other changes starting here.   For me it has been a real shake up and I think made my work move forward.  New ideas, new mediums and new materials have really given me inspiration for new works.

Do you have ways to really shake up your work?

Oh, and remember that new Travel Kit I talked about in the last post?
Well it really hit pay dirt for me.  Read about my new kit here and in my next post, see how it really 'Saved the Day'.

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