Apr 6, 2017

Revving Up Your Travel Journal for Excitement - Drawing and Painting Tips


On your Mark, Get Set, Go! The race is on, up into the air then down into the water.  Glide,  kick and stroke.  I can still feel the excitement and focus at the beginning of the race.  When I was younger, I swam competitively for several years, the breast stroke was my specialty.  It was a sad summer day when my 14 year son could beat me in a swimming race.

Travel Journaling is very much like racing.  You find your spot, pull out your gear and 'go at it'.  The excitement of place and time is very much there.  But the moment is fleeting; a bus to catch, the light is changing, your friends are waiting.  They all call for you to move on.
Start your book with a BANG!!
 Like racing, journaling does not start there. . . .

There is prep to do first.  You can imagine the days I spent at the pool, swimming lengths, practicing starts and turns, breathing exercises and more.  Success in Travel Journaling requires prep as well.  Each trip has its own requirement.  My upcoming trip to Scotland requires  a small lightweight pack.  My last post, Time to Crack Open That Travel Journal, talked about putting a mini kit together.

Once Your Materials are ready now it's time to  Revv Up your Journal . . .
 Prep your book with a few treats to enjoy on your adventure:

A Title Page to create the mood:
This really personalizes your book, it also starts to build on the anticipation of the trip.  I choose a rock formation to feature on my title page.  It is a prominent structure on the Isle of Sky and part of our day trip.  Notice my business card in the corner.  It is a good idea to put your contact info on the front or back page of your book in case it gets lost.
Churches on the River Ness - Imagine we will walk on that bridge, really soon.
 A Map to track the adventure:
I found this a really valuable exercise.  When I first starting looking at plans for our trip I was overwhelmed.  Everything was new to me.  Once I drew my map I had a really good idea of where I was going. This is also where I discovered the painting kit I had originally planned to use was not going to work out.  (See last post)
Striking a National Note with the flag.
Pictures to spark your couriousity:
This has turned into an awesome activity. I went online and found a few pictures of places we will see on our trip. I have used these pictures to draw in my book; spacing the drawings throughout, roughly in the order we will be traveling.  Now, I can hardly wait to see them as I already have intimately knowledge about them.
Symbols make great decorations
 Little touches to tantalize and intrigue you on your trip:
Flip through your book and prep pages with colour, lines or shapes of any kind.  I used some of the symbols of Scotland to decorate my pages.  Who knew the thistle was so important to them.  And of course, how can you not have a drawing of bagpipes in your book!! When you are trying to catch a quick sketch on site, having a shape to fill instead of a whole page, makes it totally doable. After all, my sisters are not going to wait, that long for me.

Scottish Book without bagpipes?! 
Once you have prepped you will be so ready for your trip . . .
You will not only know more about your adventure but more importantly you will know your materials. You will feel confident in pulling them out at a moments notice and 'getting down to work'.  But most of all you will already have this great journal underway that makes you feel good whenever you open it.

Even simple shapes add so much to blank page.  They invite you to write or draw something.
Do you prep your Travel Journals before a trip?  What things do you do?

Want help with your pictures?  My next post is on my medium - ink and watercolour pencils - Edinburgh Castle.  I can't wait to go there!

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