Mar 23, 2017

Horsing Around with Pen & Ink - Painting & Drawing Tips


Or The Road from Inspiration to Reality

Step One: Inspiration
My road started off innocently enough.  I was planning my card rack for the Kilby Historical Site, Harrison Mills, opening on the Easter Weekend.  They have lots of family events and I thought my doodle cards would be of interest there.  I decided I would would add a few animals to my pack.  I drew a rooster first and then decided I needed a horse.
Don't you find new projects always start this way, with a simple idea.

Let's Ride, Little One & Free Spirit - 5 x 7 each, Pen & Ink
Step Two: Gather resources
Again, simple.  I looked through my reference file and find an interesting horse shape.  That's when the trouble started.  I found lots of really interesting shapes.  Now, as many of my readers know, I love to draw and I really love to draw with ink.  Doodle patterns with wildlife is a real passion for me.  (See my true confession here!)  Still I felt I could keep myself in check and just pick 1 horse to work on.

Step Three: Begin work
This to me is the high point of any project.  There is a sense of excitement in the air, you are powerful, nothing can stop you.  Don't get in my way, I am going for it.
I decided on my horse, Let's Ride, the top horse card, in my picture above and got right to work.

Step Four: The Midpoint
This is a strange spot in the creation process.  The project is underway, but somehow things are not quite as planned.  The excitement seems to have fizzled out. For me it is the step back point.  Time to regroup.

Yes this even happens with my favourite things, doodling with ink.

My horse was half finished.  Doubt starts to creep in. Will he look as good as my other projects? My patterns are all looking the same, I need new ones.  How am I going to finish his face so it won't be lost?

Definitely a time to regroup.  Study. Reflect.

Step Five: Moving Forward
Ah! New plan in mind. Excitement is building.  I am off.  Out of my way.
Yes, I tried a few new things and found some patterns I liked.  Suddenly I was on fire. The next thing I knew,  Let's Ride was done.
Free Spirit all done!!

Step Six: Follow Up
The spark was still there, and the fire still burning.  I couldn't stop with just one!  My mine was bursting with new ideas.  I was jumping out of bed, rushing to my studio and busy planning more.  Before I knew it, Little One and Free Spirit were finished.  Ahhh. . .  I felt much better.  The pace of life slowed down a bit.  Well, until the next idea hits.

Not sure how many more doodle animal cards will be on my Kilby Rack this year but there were certainly be 3 horse cards there!!

Is your Road from Inspiration to Reality a rocky road with lots of Ups and Downs?  Do you have pictures half finished, waiting . . . . ?   What do you do to regroup?

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Wendy, you should be entering these into Zentangle Art Competitions!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Wow, thanks. I didn't know they had such things.

Brenda Hill CDM said...

I saw an Zentangle art magazine last year in Chapters and they had a call for Zentangle art competitions you should do it!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Thanks I will scout them out.