Sep 8, 2016

Ready to Bust Loose? - Painting & Drawing Tips

or it could be - Having fun with Max.


Are you kind of cautious with your work?

Does the idea of paint dripping and oozing sound great, but not something your brushes will do?

I'm with you on that.  I find I have great plans of dripping and splattering when I start.  But soon I am back to my tried and true ways.  I like detail and I like realism.  I am stuck. 

But my Dream of Freedom is still there!
SWEET AND INNOCENT - 11 X 14, Watercolour
My recent series of posts has been on under-painting.  It is a very intriguing subject and one that fits well with drawing.  When drawing there is that attention to building values, working from light to dark, layering.  My favourite thing is to sculpture the shape of my subject as I build up the values. 

Underpainting lends itself well to all that. 

Light and mid values set out the image.  Then through glazing, that sculpturing process begins.   Needs are met and life is good.

But underpainting has another purpose  - it can satisfy that need to Bust Loose and do something loose and free.  Drips. Splatters. Textures. They all work.  Sweet and Innocent is really busting loose for me.  I splashed and splattered, let colours run and played.  That awesome loose feeling was there. After it was time to build the values and shapes to bring little Max alive.


To really celebrate my freedom I went all out, new colours for Max.  Please don't tell him about the purple and orange, he is Black and Tan and proud of it. He was very happy with his pencil drawing, so not quite sure how he would feel about the colour.  (Max's drawing is here)

This might be your ticket to happiness too. Grab some paint and give it a try. 

Let me know how it works out.  I would love to see where your Freedom Train takes you.

Need more tips and examples of underpainting see my last few posts starting here.  

Fall is coming fast but there is still time to paint and draw outside.  Check out my series of  Drawing Tips for Summer Fun.  It is a four part series starting here.  Great ideas for quick sketches in your journal or plein air pieces.  Best of all when the cold wind blows you can take these ideas inside and keep on going.

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Very colorful! is this a new direction?

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Hi, not really a new direction, just learning new things and incorporating them into my own thing. Had lots of fun with this one. Those curls nearly drove me crazy!!