Jul 21, 2016

What Does a Plein Air Painting Trip look like?


Here on the west coast a painting trip is GREAT!  Nestled on a log, immersed in scenery, your eyes are on overload, your fingers are inching and your paints are screaming to come out.  The dream of every artist.
Cool weather still good for painting. 

But how does it work?  What does it really look like?  

If you are like me, you don't travel alone.  You probably wonder how to juggle everything: pets, kids, partners, life. 

We just returned from 3.5 weeks of traveling, camping and painting.  By we,  I mean my husband, a non-painter and our new puppy, now 4 months old and definitely a non-painter!
I thought I would focus on this problem/wonderful experience over the next three posts. So first of all let's look at the fun stuff. Things you can do!

 Paint Awesome Pictures
 GOOD FISHING - 7 X 5 - Watercolour

When the tide goes out the shoreline comes alive.  Lots of birds arrive to see what has been caught in the tidal pools.  At out campsite, on Texada Island, the Eagles and Turkey Vultures were part of the mix.   The air was at times filled with an eagle screeching at crows to leave him be as they chased him across the bay. When he found something everyone wanted to share.   I love to settle in, pick a spot and paint.  I like to incorporate some wildlife in my work adding in what I see.  

Try New Things

Sketching the shoreline, completely different view from the water.

My kayak was a new thing for me.  My sister has been kayaking for some time and really encouraging me to give it a try.  She was joining us for a week so I decided this was the summer. Yes, I am a bit of chicken, the weather has to be totally calm but ooooooh it is nice on the water.  Of course once I was there I saw new things I wanted to paint.  (I can now tell you a few secrets about painting in a boat, not as easy as it looks.)

EVER WATCHFUL - 7 x 5  Watercolour
When I was out in the evening I got great shots of this guy on the pilings. I went back and painted the picture the next day. 

Paint with Special Friends

Alfred and I shared a picnic table and nattered away as we painted. 

Alfred lives up the Sunshine Coast and it is always a treat to visit with him and go painting.  Every time he takes me to a new spot full of inspiration.  Mermaid Cove was our spot this time and it certainly fit the bill.  We painted and talked for several hours then went to join Steve at the campsite. No sooner had we sat down when we heard thunder in the distance.  It moved in fast and soon it was pouring.  Man were we lucky. 
Alfred Muma, is an awesome artist, lives in Powell River.  Getting ready for the Powell River Studio Tour, August 27 & 28.  Check him out. 

What were the other members of the group doing well I was in my glory, you ask?

Well . .
They were off on their own adventures:

Max loved to go beach combing and found wonderful things to eat. (Of course we never feed him so he is always hungry.)  

Steve loves to get oysters and Max of course helps with the shucking. 

Max had to try out the kayak, he really enjoyed getting out there. 

Digging for clams is a regular event which both the boys enjoy. 

Other things the boys do without me are:  reading, only Steve does that; napping, I think they both like that; chatting with people on the beach, both are into that.  (Max even had his own little followers.)

Yes, you are saying this is the fun part but how does it work? Part 2 (next post) will look at the tough stuff: pre trip planning and packing.  Definitely not as much fun but still kind of exciting as the adventure awaits.  

If you missed my post series on Drawing Tips for summer fun check them out.  It is a four part series starting here.  

Looking for a starting point in your drawing?  I will be happy to get you up and running.  Call me now and set up a few lessons to get you on the road to a summer of fun with your art.

Special Note: How about a Plein Air Painting Festival centered on an historic site? Right here in the Fraser Valley. August 26, 27, & 28. Prizes for everyone at all levels.  $15 - www.kilby.ca to register and get more information.  See you there.

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Hailey Coogan said...

I love the kayak painting. I find it a challenge to paint on a kayak too.

Looking forward to the next article so I can compare my kit and see if I can make some improvements.

Thanks for sharing

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, being out on the water is great. It definitely makes you work quickly and pick up the essences. Good practice for me has I do bog down on detail. Where do you kayak and paint?

Brenda Hill CDM said...

looks like a good time was had by all, glad to see Max is enjoying himself!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes Max had a lot of on his first camping trip. He also grew soooooo much. We think he is close to his full size but still a puppy inside.

Judith Gostisha said...

Gee I enjoyed your experience and the cool mermaids cove, wish I was there alongside puppy. Your painting is out of the ordinary as plein air goes in Austin,Texas and South West themes. I look forward to viewing more of your work.

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes Judith painting here on our coastline is quite different from yours den though we are both on the west coast. I do like to get my wildlife into my scenes and sometimes it is a real challenge. They often don't sit sit for long!