Feb 4, 2016

Are you Ready to Welcome The Red Fire Monkey!??!


 The Chinese New Year is coming - February 8, 2016.  The Year of the Red Fire Monkey

THE FIRE MONKEY - by Becky McMahon - Chinese Brush Painting 

My guest today, an artist friend, BeckyMcMahon of Triskel Tree Creations. Becky is a Chinese Brush Painter and each year she creates her own interpretation for the Chinese Horoscope.  I am pleased to have her Fire Monkey as a guest today. 

Becky says,"Monkeys are clever, intelligent, have a good sense of humour and open minded. Focus is extremely difficult for them and they can be deeply insecure. But they are never at a loss for words or ideas and can usually maneuver around any troubles their weaknesses get them into. Monkeys are incurable optimists and are generally good with people. 

This year is good news for Artists.

 The Fire Monkey's intelligence and inventiveness bodes well for your artistic creative side.  Also, his nimble mind mine means he is quick to see outside the box and ready to try new things. ( Not surprising Leonardo da Vinci was born in the Year of the Monkey.)

The Monkey is also fast and mischievous. A warning that changes will  come, and quickly.  Long term plans may fall aside, quick thinking and adjusting to change may be in order. 
Sounds exciting, eh?!

Don't let this year happen, be ready for it! 

First off, clean up your house.  Sweeping out the bad luck and getting ready for the good luck is important. Cleaning the house also means cleaning up business affairs, finishing up old jobs, getting your financial books in order.  (Even Revenue Canada supports those values!!)

Secondly, prepare your food ahead for the big day.  Cutting with knives on New Year's Day may 'cut off' your good luck.  Making Red and Gold Banners to decorate; honoring your ancestors; and getting fresh flowers are next on the list. I have already started here.  In China, it is Lucky Bamboo and Orange Trees but I have new tulips and primroses ready to go. 

These are all good things, for you as an Artist, removing the clutter from your everyday life will definitely leave you free to tap into the creative spirit. You will be ready to jump 'outside your box' to try new things.

Have a great Chinese New Year and I hope it brings big creative changes for you. 

Me, I have to get back to my books, not all my financials are done yet!!

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 Have a great artful day, Wendy


Brenda Hill CDM said...

He's cute!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Yes, Becky has really grasped the spirit of the Fire Monkey!