Jan 7, 2016

Out with the Old, In with the New!!


Here we go!!   Are you ready for the whirlwind of 2016? 

 Wait a minute . . .!
Bear - Christmas Commission
Graphite and Coloured Pencil

A few things must be done first. 

Kinda like your mom making you wash your hands before you get to dig into your most favorite, lushes, delicious dinner.  

It is the boring stuff: booking keeping and inventories.  Yuck! And Yuck!!  Inputting expenses, not fun; inputting sales, nice.  But this is more than a horrid excise.  Like your Mom's instructions, there are benefits.  And really after playing outside it is healthier to wash those hands before eating.   

Closing down 2015 with book-work really does have benefits. Of course if you are smart you will arrange a special treat when you are done!  (Don't forget to wash your hands first).

So here goes:
1.     Don't just post those expenses, look at them.  What contests, juried shows,  art markets and events did you enter this year. Which ones were good, which should be skipped?

2.    The Sales: yes the highlight of our painting life.  Enjoy the moment, let the ego be stroked.  Now look at them. Where and how did they happen?  What can be done to repeat the success?

3.    Inventory: OK, hard to be positive with that one.  I love math and numbers but counting every little things really takes incredible will power and at least one trip to Starbucks.

4.    Reflections: Yes, reflections are important.  Like every other business you need to do reflections.  What did you really enjoy in your marketing process in 2015?  What really worked?  (I hope they were the same thing) What was a bust?  I am a firm believer in working towards what you enjoy.  I think that if your heart is in, you and your work will reflect it. This is where your direction for 2016 will come. Finding better ways to match your enjoyment with your marketing. 

 Now you are ready for 2016 can begin - setting new goals, trying new things, following new inspirations.  Exciting stuff!!

February is Marketing Month for Artists, a time to prepare for the year.  Join me for a full day  Marketing Workshop "Let's Get Your Art Out There!",  February 21 or February 28. You will come away with new strategies and goals for 2016.  The synergy that builds through the day will carry you through the year and make it your best year ever. More Info: www.artbywendy.com - Workshops

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Have a great artful day,


Brenda Hill CDM said...

Well done Wendy, black animals are so hard to do

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

So true Brenda. I really worked hard to get my darks and keep my lights. Keeping my lights extra light so the red could be added really helped.