Aug 20, 2015

Inspiration for only 10 Dollars?!


It's your Chocolate Fix.

You can't really say it is a necessity but without Chocolate . . .
Well you really don't want to go there!

Inspiration does not come in a fancy wrapper. You can't run down to the corner store and get some. So finding it and keeping it can be hard.

A sure fire way to get inspired is to try something new. Step out of your studio.  Look at new things. Meet new people. Lots of neat little art events are happening in communities everywhere and they are full of inspiration.  I was involved with a great event last weekend at Kilby Historic Site, Harrison Mills - a 3 day Plein Air Festival. Only $10 to participate.

 Inspiration was Everywhere!!

Farm animals were the first thing that really caught my eye.  Many were happy to 'sit still' so you could grab a sketch.

Others like these pigs were not quite as obliging.  I did the next best thing - photographed them for future work!!

It wasn't just the farm animals that caught my eye, the old barns and machinery was crying out to all of us.

But the big Challenge was Jake. 
For the Festival, Kilby had a model dressed in period clothing and set up with the old apple press.  

Setting up the Apple Press

Taking a Break
Jake was very patient and sat for us as we carefully worked  away.  He was new to the modelling thing and yet having 6 women carefully studying and painting him didn't phase him a bit. 

Inspiration flows from the subjects but there was even more. 
The company of other artists. 

Wondering the grounds, taking a break, having lunch and working - there was always another artist not too far away.  Ideas and stories were flying and laughter was in the air.  I met many new artists as well as caught up with a few friends.  Checking out everyone's 'set up' and their work was so much fun.  Some created a single masterpiece while others completed several pictures during the event. 

Not all was a bed of roses.  

Don't forget, this was a Plein Air Festival. Everything is outside. 
We did have a few problems.  Well, they weren't that big.  

When the lightening flashed and the thunder rolled it didn't really rain.  We only had a smattering of drops.  Kilby had several portable tents which we quickly moved into place and kept on working. Of course this included a heavy dose of laughter as things were jostled into place. We were lucky, the real rain didn't happen until we went home.

But Inspiration needs More.  
Good Food and Creative Atmosphere. There was lots of that and very close by. The Kilby Cafe, right on site, has a great lunch and of course my favourite, pie.  On Sunday, we had a wonderful roast beef luncheon, (I only had the half order and that was enough for me) prize awards and lots more time to gab with artists.  And the Staff was wonderful.  They really made us all feel welcomed and our talents appreciated.  (Having your ego stroked can really help your creativity!)  A special thank you to Meghan, Marian and Jo-anne for keeping things together. 

If you missed this event don't worry.
 Kilby is open daily through to Sept 7 and weekends to Dec 6.  Inspiration is waiting there for you.  For you city folk the chance to spend time in a rural setting is priceless.  If you are driving out from Vancouver, I love to leave the freeway at Abbotsford, cross the Fraser River and travel from Mission through the farmland on the old Lougheed Highway (No. 7).  The slough at Deroche is great for eagle sighting in the fall but offers wonderful views the rest of the year. 

My Plein Air days are not over yet, I still have one more painting trip up on the Shuswap Lakes and a 3 Day Plein Air Festival at Gibsons in September.  You know I will have lots of material from that to keep me busy all winter in my studio.  The rains and snow may fall this winter but I will be warm and inspired inside!!

So get out there, Get Inspired.

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Brenda Hill CDM said...

Looks like it was lots of fun!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

It was, I took lots of photos and have lots of things I want to paint and draw!