Feb 12, 2015

Are you Ready for Chinese New Year?


No, it is not today,

but Thursday, February 19.

However, it is time to get ready!

Custom dictates several steps:
1. Clean Your House - sweep away the bad luck
2. Decorate with red, a symbol of good luck
3.  Complement your decorations with bowls of food, flowers and other treats.  Symbols of rebirth and new growth.
4. Appease the Kitchen God - offer him a sacrifice of fruit, candy, water or other food.
This is all to be done 7 days before the new year so it is definitely time to get ready!! 

 The Year of the Wood Sheep, will soon be here!!

Quiet Majesty - 12 x 16 - Graphite

Quiet Majesty is a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, part of a herd transplanted to the Spencer Bridge, British Columbia, area many years ago.  He is my contribution to the Chinese New Year.

Quiet Majesty gave me an opportunity to work on different ways of presenting a portrait. I wanted to really give a sense of his strong and majestic look but of course they are really a grazing animal so they are not threatening to humans. So he couldn't really look fierce like a lion. I really needed to play around a bit. 
The Full View shows the animal and projects a regal nature but seems to give him a sense of smallness. 
Moving in does help but I felt there was too much space around him. 

A tighter crop but still felt weak.
My choice was to move in tight and fill the space but off center to give a strong majestic appearance. I really felt that he commanded you to look at him.  But at the same time the almost symmetrical front facing view reinforces the contrast of his commanding look to his very quiet almost meek behavior.  He really is a quiet but majestic animal. 

Special Note: 
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