Jun 27, 2014

Is each painting really unique?!!


Can we as artists duplicate a painting or drawing?

Is each piece a "one of a kind"?
Line Dancing - 14 x 18 Framed - Ink & Watercolour

This really came to the forefront for me with my previous picture, Fire Dancing.  I really liked that picture but at the same time I wondered if it would have been better with some colour in the background.  You know how we are never satisfied and always wanting to try more.  Because of the technique I used, it was not a simple matter to add a background.  The inks would run and I would lose the sense of realism that I wanted.  In order to add a background it had to be done first.  This meant starting over again!!

I hummed and hawed for days and finally could stand it no more!  I jumped in and went for it.  

I wanted the picture to be just like the first one so I could really judge the effect the background made.  I tried.  I really tried. I used the first picture as a reference to draw the second, I kept the first picture and my reference material in front of me as I drew  and painted.  But it didn't work!  Yes, the composition is very similar but you know watercolour and ink.  When they begin to flow, hang on!   You might think you are the driver but really you're riding shotgun!!  

So, my pictures are unique, truly one of a kind. Maybe it is different in another medium but for watercolour - good luck trying to make them exactly the same! 

Oh, as to the background colour, I love it with this picture but still not sure for Fire Dancing.  I can see that putting the background in first sets the tone for what is to come.  My response to the colour and movement will be different.  I guess I will never really know the answer to that question.  In the meantime, I have two pictures that I find very interesting!!  How about you, white or colour in the background?
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